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Recent posts by Rachel Rose

Originally posted by gublooo johnson:
this is in delaware !!

Oh! I said abt coding - because I assumed your Interview is in India.

You should had mentioned the location intially..

Well how did it went?
15 years ago

Originally posted by Nishant Kumar Singh:
Hi Sumit,

Thanks for your reply.

Guys i am expecting some more input who are more experienced so that i can
take the right decision.

Please help me out on this.

You already have @1.7 years of exp(Dec 2004-July 2006) and as Sumit mentioned this should'nt be any problem and 3 months wont count much if you do good in your interviews.

Besides, you said you joined some other organisation. So, if I am not mistaken, you will be asked for your pay-slips only for recent job(the other organisation you are talking about), then why worry about your first job??

You can mention starting job in Sept, but I think HRs will be least concerned with this.

Rest is your choice.

-Best luck with your Job Hunt.
15 years ago

Originally posted by rajat mani:
hi all,
i am having 5 years experience with scjp and scwcd.

i just got my h1b visa stamping yesterday and i would like to know about the java job market in u.s

what is the market value of scjp and scwcd in u.s???
how much pay can one expect as a consultant?

Do i need to do SCBCD ?
what is the market of JSF, raid and mqseries in u.s??

please please help
its urgent

check your PM(Private Messages in your Profile Section)
15 years ago
I have no idea whatsoever abt 'Chase' interview process.

But if its beginner/fresher position, then you can expect Java Basic Questions(u can get collection of these anywhere on net), may be some questions from your undergrad Projects and Subjects..

Since time frame is 2hrs, you can even expect some coding to be done..

All the Best..

Let us know, how did it went. Might be useful for someone els..
15 years ago

Originally posted by Jassi K:
Hi Ashsish,

Thank you for your suggestions.......but can you explain what are open-source projects and unpaid internship... i mean i do understand unpaid but internship here in India..ok i am in Mumbai(Bombay)

So as an example any company which provides internship.

Thank you,

Keep suggesting,


N.B. Someone told me long back that certifications are of no value......even if i do them there won't be any weightage...as i am a B.Sc. any sugggestion???

Hi there..
My 2 cents...

you can start working as faculty( as you mentioned , you are getting some offers, right)...This way , you can keep yourself updated with Java/J2ee technologies that you are learning...At the same time, keep an eye on all job opportunities in market..

Software market is in boom in India..there might be problems bcoz of your experience and background..but may be you can even get thru the interviews...Who knows?

Other thing you can look out for is - start appying for fresher job(even freshers have good start-pay..these days...) Once you have good hands on technology and some industrial experience..then seek for higher positions and job profiles...

Good luck in your job hunt...

Let us...your Rancher friends know...if you need anything else...
15 years ago

Originally posted by pravin jain:
The basic intention for posting was to collate possible questions and answers asked in Interviews.

The reason being,whenever one attends an Interview irrespective of his/her experience, most interviewers expect that the candidate knows in and out of technology.
And to some extent I agree to this, cause one may or may not have the expsosure in each and every aspect of the technology, but he/she should know the basic things on the technology he is working on.

We say we have X years of experience in J2EE but do not understand EJB?
Does this make sense ? No.

Again i understand reading these Questions http://java-j2ee-interview-questions.blogspot.com/ will not teach anyone EJB or Servlets ..but atleast one would start looking into the books what does it mean.

And again all software houses are doing BUSINESS and not CHARITY so please do not expect them not to ask Questions where one is not comfortable.

No offence meant.


Please let me know how can I improve my post


Ya, may be some of our rancher friends took it wrongly. We should never byheart Interview Questions...but possibly such questionnaire may force you (positively) to take a look into some books or online tutorials to get the basic knowledge of what a particular 'term' means or 'how is it used'....If considered this way...this can be a fun way to keep upadting yourself with whats in the market...

Ofcourse in Interviews, you should be honest enough to say that you have theortical knowledge(and not experience) and even let the Interviewer know how you keep yourself updated with the technologies and how eager you are to learn new upcoming tools and technologies.

15 years ago
Hi...I was on contract for my last project in India.

Its similar to our regular permanent job, you dont even feel like you are working as a contracter in India. You work for given time frame, get paid higher then regular employees and have no bonds as such with the company. Your recruiters are one who have legal interaction and paper work with contracting company. Its worth, if you want to make good money in short time, love to work for short time frames...rest for while and get back to next contract.
But Ofcourse in such case, you dont even get other perks from company

..so has some pros n cons...similar to contracting job in US or any other country.

15 years ago
Hi there...

As Abhishek said, u can look for advice from friends and collegues but the final call..to return or not to return.. should be totally yours.

@India - Yes, its developing country..and trust me there are lots of opportunities - including good pay package, good life(if u join some CMM5 level company - u have all perks - food, transport, vouchers, pay, parties,fun..everythg u can think of)...and above all..your friends and family..

Its most appropriate to search Job while you are in Singapore thru job boards like Monster, Naukri, JobsAhead, Sulekha..and like...even friend network is one of good options to consider..but its not that easy..
I tried searching for job in India thru US..i did that(actively...used to sit daily for search, apply, follow up calls..evrythg) for @month...but recruiters usually prefer interviewing once u land in India.....jus check if anyone is interested for telephonic interview...so that might help u wiht job search in Singapore itself...but yes give ur best shot to find job then leave..
Ok. I didnt find one, so i came to India, but within 15 days I joined one of cmm5 company..with good package, facilities..and above all satisfaction of being in home country!!

@Singapore: Ya, its pretty expensive...but u will save only in long term...i mean if u plan to stay for quite a couple of years then u might end up having some savings...Besides life in India is very different from Singapore, US, or any other country outside India...some ppl even get bugged with road conditions, heavy rainfalls, transportation problems..n many more...if u are ok..with all these ..well n good...

U have to rate certain factors(PayScale, LifeStyle, Family, Career,...) that are important to you and come to final deicison depending on what hold high importance in your life..

Your any decision...To Stay..or To Return...cant be said as 'Good' or 'Bad' decision...coz its different for every individual...for me it was Good..or someone els it might be bad..

Besides there's always X+1 syndrome..every year one will think of moving back and say..no might be next year...then next year..he will say next year..so it goes on...X+1 years..thats the reason ur friends are still in Singapore..coz(evn if they think of returning)...lets face it...they are now very used to lifestyle there and they are Ok wiht leaving apart from there friends and families...for sake of what they think is a good life...

All in all...one should respect everybody's decision. And possibly avoid rating it as 'Good' or 'Bad'..
15 years ago
Even DC Metro area is good. Do let me know if you have any opportunities.

For other details ..can you send me your email address?
15 years ago

I am Java-J2EE consultant with @5 years of experience. I am seeking for a good opportunity in and around Wisconsin, Illinois,Missouri, New York, Seattle and New Jersey areas.

I have significant experience in Java and J2EE technologies - JSP, Servlets, Spring, WebSphere and Tomcat Servers, RUP, UML, IDEA-JCreate-JBuilder-WSAD Ide's, HTML, XML and JavaScripting.

I am looking for a corp-to-corp arrangement. Mail me at tulip0007@gmail.com for any job opportunity or getting more details about my background, status and experience as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you..

15 years ago
What do you mean by other job? I was working as Consultant/Contract-basis.

I was getting offers for permanent jobs in US. But that requires H1-transfer. I didnt had pay-slips, so transfer is out of question. Hard Luck

And new companies will think twice - and may be prefer candidates with H1 transfer instead of filing new H1.

Neways this will be my last post from US. Will mail next time from my home country - India. Hope will get to work soon.

I agree market is up in India, but there is lot of competition too...every walkin has so many applications from 1000'a of candidates..its tough..

Any suggestions of how should i start my job search in India? Or wait for walkins and post resume on companies website(have started doing this option, but havent heard from any body yet).

Good day.
15 years ago
Hi All,

I read some of the previous threads and it was good to see, so many of you discussing and advicing everyone. I need some help too.

I have 2 years experience in Java-j2ee from India. Later I came to US. I am on bench for 5 months. Since legally I am out-of-status, I am returning back to India - Mumbai.

Now my concern is
1> Will I get a good job in India, Mumbai? - particularly since i was on bench in US. Howvere my experience in India was fairly good.

2> How much CTC/ salary should i expect for my experience in Mumbai?

3> How is the market in India now - do recruiters conduct apptitude/analytical test for 2+ years experience.

4> I will be honest with my next recruiter about bench-period in US, but should I mention my US recruiter name in Resume(though that cant be considered as Professional experience)

5> Also any advice how should i prepare for interviews and start my job-search? Bit tensed because though i have 2 years experience in Java J2ee...the company i was working for in India used some tool - to create html pages, servlets, ejb - objects, deployment n all...so to be frank....tool did major thing - though I know conceptually what is done behind the screen, i am terrified by the only fact tht i doing somethg from scratch is different from doing the same with help of some tool.

Any help appreciated.
15 years ago