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Arunprasath Rajmohan

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since Jan 27, 2006
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Recent posts by Arunprasath Rajmohan

I need to know how to run a webservice and how to run step by step right from how to set cklass path to how to deploy
with an example.
Pls give me some notes about SOAP and WSDL what is the use of axis .
I will be happy igf u give me a sample which I can execute using ur guidance manual.

pls help me my community(ranchians)
If u give me an user manualI will be happy

My mail id
12 years ago
hello lakshmi

If u use post in ur html form then u have to use doPost in servlet.
If u use get in ur html form then u have to use doPost or doGet in servlet.

But what u should not is if u use post in html and if u use doGet in servlet it will give a nasty error

POST- doPost()
GET- doGet(),doPost()

the below combination will rise an error:
POST doGet()
12 years ago
Dear Friends

Still now I cant find a book like Head First series .Thanks a lot to kathy and bates.Its really useful.I solved my problems during run time by my virtual guru kathy.Thank u dear.If u gave us a book named "head first webservices" then So many of us Indians especially cant pay money for course can enjoy.I dont whether this particular mail reaches ur attention.I pray to god for.I will be happy more if u reply this mail :roll: in this forum.I luv u dear.

Thanks from Subcontinent


Mailers u too have the same say i thinking respond me

waiting for replies
can u please tell me what is meant by object locking?
12 years ago