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since Jan 29, 2006
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Recent posts by shilpa patil

Can anyone guide me about how can I add rows dynamically
into an already displayed table.

Thanks in advance
18 years ago
it worked
Thanks again for the prompt reply
18 years ago
hello all,
I am having a window with a textField.
I want whenever this window is shown , focus should be on this textfield
How can I do this.
Thanks in advance. :roll:
18 years ago
I am having a DeskTopPane where on one of its menu I am having an image.
And whenever an internal frame has been requested to open, I want that image to change to a different one....And after completely loading the image a new image has to be loaded....(this acts a bit to a status indicator)
For this I am having a thread which forcefully paints the region using repaintManager for this menu component...

But the output is really ver awful. It takes an image frm the desktop diff from the requested one...and after trying to print RepaintManager object...
it gives another components String representation( the one frm which the image has been taken )
...and sometimes even NULL...
Plz anyone of u ranchers can help me to solve this problem
Waiting for kind suggesstions..Thanks
18 years ago
Hey...if you r using internal frames...
Then u can use DefaultDeskTopManager to place the fram after dragging
to its dragged palce
18 years ago
Can u plz help me to show diff images in cells of a specific column of JTable
These images may change time to time. i.e. to change the images acc to the condition
18 years ago