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Recent posts by Nilesh Patel

Answer would be :
B. There will have compilation error at //2 and //3.
can you try it using package?

you have to make package for imporrt class...
16 years ago
you are right..

So it will not compile by aplication server...
16 years ago
sorry you can't appear SCBCD before the passing SCJP so first pass SCJp
Pune people can register on SEED infotech and NIIT as per my knowledge. i have sucessfully registered 1 Jan.
any books , material or case study available for SCBCD 5.0???

I am developing Struts MVC and right now manage on Netbeans so Eclipce is good compare to Netbeans??

pls advice me which IDE is good for j2ee appllication...
JSP Complete Reference only for JSP and you have to face my Question out of JSP also i think it is not good for beginer because it is not given description on servlet and jsp life cycle.

It is good if you dont have HFSJ but if you have HFJS then yo have to go first on HFJS and after it refer Completele Reference for JSP...
-Open this first.jsp.txt file in Notepad
- GO to File>>save as

File name = "first.jsp"
file type = "All File"

I think it is enough!!!
How can MyClass know i have to compare on "maxElement" so you have to override equals mathod in Myclass..

public boolean equals(Obj a){

if((obj instanceof Myclass)&&(this.maxElement == (Myclass)a.maxElement)
return true;
return false;


it is like to that...
[ September 12, 2006: Message edited by: Nilesh Patel ]
You have created local reference for eligible gc object so when method is unwind new local method reference also eligible for gc so you have to give reference of instance variable...
For exam center you can check it at:

you can give exam in half hour after buying voucher but you have to check exam center is not registered for that time..

how many minimum days required to take the exam

Its depend on voucher if you buy from sun site i think it have 1 yrs validity and if you buy from prometric center he will give you the date of expire....
Thanks all i got it !!!