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Recent posts by Alex Luc

Thanks Peter for that, now I am able to create the java files from the wsdl file after adding the axis and other related jar files in the classpath. One thing I didnt understood was if .(dot..current directory) is in my classpath and I execute WSDL2Java from the folder in which the jar files are located, then I SHOULD be able to run it but it always gave me Class not found error..this is something which i find very strange.
Also..It has created a lot of files.
Two interfaces WSName, WSNameService and 2 classes WSNameSeviceLocator WSNameSoapBindingStub. Now which files do I include and what functions do I call I from my jsp?
[ August 16, 2007: Message edited by: Alex Luc ]
16 years ago
Try these links:
Even Google has implemented SAML for SSO:

I have not worked in it though.
16 years ago
Thanks, that helps me a lot. I was not able to download axis 1.2 because all links here were dead, so downloaded axis 1.4
Tried to run wsdl2java but got this error:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/axis/wsdl/WSDL2Java
I ran this from the directory in which axis.jar is located... Should the server be started when I run this?
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16 years ago
Hi all,
I am very new to the webservices technology so please bear with me and help me out if you can.
There is a webservices (not developed by me) which is deployed on websphere server and I have been given a wsdl file. Now I want to call this webservice from my jsp file which is deployed on a differen server. Can this be done. I have heard there is a tool called wsdl2java which converts the wsdl file to java files and we just have to import those java files and call the functions as we normally do. Is that all that is required from me? Do I need to install axis or anyother such thing to be able to use wsdl2java? Morover from where do I download this tool?
Would appreciate if someone replies or point me over to some links..

16 years ago
aah ok cool
Best of luck

i suppose we cant give exam for Java 1.4. Its only 1.5 now?
did u stopped after reading 3 chapters??
hey Edisandro thnx for the reply

i supose u have completed the certi?
i just got the book
1.5hrs 5 days a week...sounds like pretty doable for me, i hope im able to stick to it tho

Originally posted by Hamid Virani:
I got a copy of this book today. I am from Mumbai.

You can call 'Computer book shop' at Fort to get it.

It feels good to finally have a consolidated copy of SCJP 5.0 material.

Looking forward to read it.

i m comin back frm CBS just was closin time there, but i managed to get the book

it costs Rs. 499/-
[ February 04, 2006: Message edited by: ubz tayb ]
can someone tell me the cost of the book over here in india
Im frm Mumbai.
hi guys, i am planning to get Sun Certified, and I want to possibly clear it at my first attempt.
I read through this forum and found that most of the people here refer K&B's book.
I will b buyin it tomoro and will start studin monday onwards.

What should be my strategy for the preparation if I want to get certified in a month frm now ?, an hr daily or more ? Since I am already workin I dont think Ill be able to devote more than an hr per day. I have some basic foundation of Core Java.

I hope though that K&B is enuf for me