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Aravind JAI

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since Feb 06, 2006
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Recent posts by Aravind JAI

I have a textbox with browse button. User can browse thro browse button only. He can't type anything in the text box. If he tries to enter any value in that test box, it has to throw an alert message. Please Give me sample code . Thankx in advance.
I am getting some layout issue when minimizing the screen. I am getting some unwanted blank space in the right side.i am getting scrol bar also in the bottom.

Please give me a suggestion.Thankx in advance
I need a suggestion reg.drop down box. I have a select box which is 100px let us assume. if i try to select any options in that drop down it should display the options in 150px width.(Because the options are lengthy strings). How can i achieve it?. Thanks in advance.
How to write a string into a new text file.?
12 years ago
How to Release the used objects in java program
12 years ago
I have 2 radio buttons and two drop downs. when selecting a radio button the select box in the same line should get enabled.Tell em a solution
In a method i ahve to check whether the string contains 2 white spaces in starting,if it contains i ahve to delete it..HOw to do?.Thank in advance
Thanks it is working fine..Please give ur mail id
Again i am getting error message..document.forms is null or not an object
Thank You Very Much Friend..Can i have Your Mail-id
It gives error like, formNames is undefined..
How To disable all form elements while clicking a button..
Thanks in Advance
I have one text box with lookup button and 1 drop down box my screen..When selecting a value using lookup button that selected value or text should be placed in that text box..According to that text the drop down values should get populated...We r doign this using Ajax..But how to identify whether the user has entered any value in that text box or not..Reply me Thanks in Advance
[ February 14, 2006: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
five anchor tags are there in my program .while clicking 1st anchor tag that link should be disabled don't show the underline if click 2nd anchor tag 1 st should be enabled with underline