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Recent posts by Aarati More

Thanks Ankur...
Here i m placing part of my server.xml which is related to jdbc.
<Environment name="maxExemptions" type="java.lang.Integer"
<Parameter name="" value="context.param.value"
<Resource name="jdbc/EmployeeAppDb" auth="SERVLET"
<ResourceParams name="jdbc/EmployeeAppDb">
<value>jdbc racle:thin:@ ev1spz</value></parameter>
I do not know whether i have included everything properly or i need to modify the parameter enties.
As far as starting four year old thread is concerned, i think the age of the thread should not matter as long as there is fruitful technical discussion.
My intension was to use this thread as a refernce for the new discussion and problem i am facing.
But if it is against the forum policies then i have no problem in starting a new thread.
15 years ago
Originally posted by Mike Curwen:

Tomcat 4.x does NOT use the system CLASSPATH.

You must place your file (the oracle drivers) into the <CATALINA_HOME>/common/lib directory. You should also rename it classes12.jar

Even i was facing the classdefinitionnotfound error with tomcat4.
So i followed the above suggested steps. But still it didn't work.
Finally i extract the and i placed the 2 folders oracle and javax inside web-inf\classes. Then it started working.
Can anybody explain the reason behind this..
15 years ago
Ideally u shud not put any jar file inside ur jdk/lib.. ,unless the jar name contains the word java.
comming back to ur problem..try following ,
Extract the mysql.jar inside web-inf\classes of ur appication and try executing the ur class.