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Recent posts by Prasanna Chennupati

Hi Vivek,

Thank you very much for your wishes.

Javaranch helped me a lot to prepare for this exam.
I followed some old threads in javaranch regarding IBM 399.
It's my pleasure if I get a chance to help other ranchers.

I have gone through the following books.

1. Websphere infor center for IBM 399(development Guide is very useful)
2. JSR 168 specification
3. Had 10 months of experience with portal and portlet development in RAD
4. studied some articles in IBM site
5. gone through some mock exams questions in Javaranch.

That's all I studied.

This exam is not that much tough as I expected.
I just prepared for 2 weeks...4 hrs a day.

All the best.

Hope this helps.

All the best for your next exam.
17 years ago
Hey Ranchers,

A good news from my side.Today I passed IBM exam 399 with 100%.
Just prepared for 2 weeks and have 10 months of portal & portlet development experience.

Be familier with IBM info center, JSR 168 specification, and knowledge of RAD is helpful.

Hi Marc,

Thank you very much. It helps me a lot.
I am going to take IBM test 399 on saturday.
Hi Ranchers,

Can any one of you provide me link , where I can download Help file for RAD 6.0.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Dan & Mahmoud,

Thank you very much for your immediate response.
I will go through the infocenter and let you know my score probably in a week.

Thanks again
Hi Ranchers,

I am preparing for IBM test 397.
Can any one of you know the best study materials, reference books and mock exams to prepare for this exam?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Jeff,

I had 6 months of experience using J2ee Technologies.
It took me 1 week to finish the exam. It is not that much difficult.

Also what is the cost of the voucher? It was around $150. From when it has become $200.

From May 23,2006 onwards, the voucher cost has incresed from $150 to $200.
Hi Deepa,

You can use an IDE ,for example RAD ,WSAD

Currently I am using RAD with websphere to use web service.

In RAD, go to your class that you want to expose as a web service, right click on that class and follow Pawan's instructions.

Hope this helps you
17 years ago
If you want to return multiple values from a method,wrap those values in an array or return them as a collection.

Here is an example

public List someMethod()

//do some manipulation.
List list = new ArrayList();
//add more values as you need.
return list;

when you want to return multiple values,returning them in the form of collection classes is a good idea.You might use Array too.
17 years ago
The creation of stateless session beans is not tied to client.

It is the container that decides when to create a stateless session beans.
when the container wants to create a stateless session bean, it runs the bean's constructor,setSessionContext() follwoed by ejbCreate() method.

When the client calls create() on home interface,the container just create a new EJBObject and associate that EJBObject with an instance picked from the pool.

Hope my answer clear your doubt.
I agree with Owen.

For me it took one month to get through the exam.

I studied the folling books& materials.

1.J2ee web services by RMH
2.Sun blue prints
3.MZ notes

mock exams:

1.MZ quiz
2.whizlabs simulator mock exams.
Hi Rahul,

I would recommond you to go through the follwoing.

1. J2ee Web services by RMH .It is very good one.
2.Sun blueprints.must read it
3.MZ notes.It is really helpful
4.MZ quiz
5.Whizlabs quiz notes+mock exams.I found mock exams are more useful