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Recent posts by Jorg Klein

I also study for 1.5
I tried to get certified a few months back.. failed with 49%..
After that I bought the K&B book but I did not have time to study yet.
My normal IT study takes to much time now..
I want to try to get certified this summer again..
I also tought that this could not be done with XStream..
Does anybody know what I should use instead of XStream.
I want it to be as simple as possible (thats why I picked XStream in the first place)

Hello everybody,

I am working on a program that generates XML files.
Its the first time that I build something like this and thats why I tried to do this with XStream. XStream is really nice and easy if you just want to generate XML files from Java POJO's.

Its going ok and for example if made this one:

I want to have an Id in the header now, and I want to give that id myself like:

Anybody know how I can do this?
I can't find it on the internet..

Well everybody has different weak points and strong points.
I suggest you make some mock exams, you will see the % you scored on each section after you finished the test.

Originally posted by Srivatsan santhanam:
How about using Log4j from Apache project,

Its very very flexible and quiet easy to use.

The best part.. its OPEN SOURCE and also works excellently in Production enviroment too..!!

I know Log4j works fine, I used it before.
But I kinda build this logger from scratch and it working fine now..
The only point is that message.. There must be a way to get rid of it..

I hope somebody has an example or something!
15 years ago
I tried that but it did not work exactly like I wanted it to.

Would it be possible to just disable that first line:
9-mrt-2006 11:07:19 nl.mycompany.myprogram.somepackage.utilities.SomeLogger logProcessMessage

So can I just leave that one out somehow?
15 years ago
Hello ranchers!!

I made a program with a logger class.
This works fine but in the log you see the classpath on the start of every logged message. Thats not user friendly so I want to get rid of it.
It now looks like this:

9-mrt-2006 11:07:19 nl.mycompany.myprogram.somepackage.utilities.SomeLogger logProcessMessage
9-mrt-2006 11:07:20 nl.mycompany.myprogram.somepackage.utilities.SomeLogger logProcessMessage
9-mrt-2006 11:07:21 nl.mycompany.myprogram.somepackage.utilities.SomeLogger logProcessMessage
9-mrt-2006 11:07:22 nl.mycompany.myprogram.somepackage.utilities.SomeLogger logProcessMessage
9-mrt-2006 11:07:23 nl.mycompany.myprogram.somepackage.utilities.SomeLogger logProcessMessage

I want it to be like:

Does anybody know how I can do this?
I did not found any method that could change this..

Btw I log in Java with: logger.log(Level.INFO, msg);

I hope somebody knows..

Regards Jorg
[ March 16, 2006: Message edited by: Jorg Klein ]
15 years ago
finally, that works Henry!

start "ApplicationName" cmd /k "%JAVA_HOME%/bin/java" -cp .....

that works!!
thanks a lot!
I searched a long time for a solution!
15 years ago

Originally posted by Joanne Neal:
Open a command window and then run the .bat file from there.

I also already tried that but the .bat file was not visible from the command window for some strange reason.
If I looked in the dir with dir/p or dir I did not see my .bat file, very strange
15 years ago

I made a program and I run it with a .bat file.
This works fine but if my program crashes and it does a System.exit(0) the cmd screen closes at once.
I can't read the exception message thats printed on the cmd.
How can I make sure the cmd stays open?

I already tried running with java instead of javaw, that doenst solve the problem.


Jorg Klein
15 years ago
In fact it makes no difference, nobody can see the % that you scored, or you have to show them the examination score report.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Henrik Engert:

To me that does not say anything really more than the K&B book might bring up more that is not on the exam?

If the statement that you made is true, then I feel ripped off by Sybex. It feels somewhat hopeless.

Actually this is what I expierenced with the sybex book:
* There is to much info in the book on some aspects that are left out of SCJP 1.5
* The new 1.5 features do not get enough attention.

The sybex book was one of the first or the first book that came out for the 1.5 exam, because it was out that fast I think its made in a hurry and that was exactly the feeling I had during the reading of the book.
Anyways the book is ok considering the 1.4 features but for 1.5 I just had the feeling it was made in a hurry.

I can't tell you enough about the K&B book but I do know that everybody here likes it, thats why I just bought it.
I just started reading the K&B book.
I already finished reading the Sybex book, I dont recommend the sybex book.
I am on page 50 of the K&B book and I already found some things that were not even in the sybex book!!

The sybex book alone is not enough I think.
The K&B book is, according to the people here.
woow what a score!!
You can be proud!

Take a
15 years ago
The head-first book is not made for SCJP exam preparation if I am right so I would not buy that one.

I ordered the K&B book a few days ago, from what I've heared, that book is the best.

[ February 17, 2006: Message edited by: Jorg Klein ]
[ February 17, 2006: Message edited by: Jorg Klein ]