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Recent posts by Bobby Sh

Hi Guys,

I am almost done with the assignment.I have a doubts. For submitting the work, sun has mentioned:

When you have completed your solution, you should have an "index.html" that has your name, i.d., a link to the class diagram, a link to the component diagram, and a link to each of the sequence/collaboration diagrams.....

Can I have my Assumption,Design Decision on the same "index.html" after giving my details like name and i.d. Or should I have a different page for them ?

Hi Cleuton / Santiago ,
...Then do you think, while displaying the class name directly in sequence diagram, should i write a note about this deviation ?

While paying by credit card, the system is supposed to send MerchantID, TransactionIdentifier, CreditCardNumber and PurchaseAmount to transMaster.

How do you think, the system will validate the authenticity of a user.In the given requirement, the system is not validating the physical location. Generally, in E commerce site, at the time of payment, the user billing or shipping address is validated with the address of credit card.

With the scenario like, I am giving a credit card # of some one else, how do you think system will validate such fraud.

Any thoughts?

Hi All,

Coming back to the basic question, which every now and then, appears in forum and goes for a long discussion?

I would like to know, how many of you are in favor of changing the domain model.

To start with, I feel that a change is needed besides extending it in other respect. Also I am giving my reasons to assumption sec.

How about you all?

Are we supposed to show classes in sequence diagram?
can we show the components in sequence diagram as given in cade's book?

The difference I see is rather than showing a class like: ': OrderVO', It has been shown as 'OrderVO' in cade's book.

Any thoughts?

Hi Vinays ,
did you show the Value Objects in your class diagram?
Hi All,

Got this little confusion to my mind. As far as the Business Delegate and Service locator are concerned?
are they a part of web module (Application client in case of Swing App.) or EJB module.I feel it is a part of web/application client.

If it is a part of web or Application Client, then is there any difference between the implementation for each of them
(between web client and Application Client)

Hi suekar ,
you said:

what I did is to keep generic is showed a Request Object talking to my BD(s).

Are you not showing FrontController ? (well ,this question is valid only if you are using FrontController )
Hi Guys,

Was away from intenet access for last two day....

FFS(Frequent Flyer system) was developed using Perl, HTML, CGI and an Oracle database.

- I could have directly access the oracle DB(with the proper permission from network group of FBN Inc.) But i suppose the information is not that easy and there are some business rules implemented in perl and CGI (prob. that is the reason FFS is half million dollars application )

- Now the other option is to use the adaper class to access the Business component of FFS. Which I am not sure how the CGI component will expose their method like viewMiles(), updateMiles() to new system without changing the FFS syetm.

- Third option was to read the HTML. which is the only option that I can think of.

I am planning to have a interface which would be implemented my a HTML parser, 'cause going forward if FBN INc decides to rewrite FFS, I only need to change the implementation keeping the
rest of application as it is.

There is no clue how the existing system updates FFS. SUN has not given much detail on this application that is why I am planning to keep some assumption (like nightly batch job) to make design simple....

Feel free to comment I may have missed/ignored some req.
After going through the requirement background, it appears that the existing FFMS system is not updated directly, when the customer books the travel.

I have kept another assumption saying: that FFMS system is updated on a nightly basis as a batch job. (Also this is out of scope) By saying that FFMS system will not have current information.

I have one of my assumption saying : "An Itinerary can be purchased by either by Credit card or by ´┐ŻAward Travel´┐Ż. It can not be the combination of them."

Regarding Veena's question about accessing Mileage A/c: I am thinking to have a interface for Frequent Flyer system which will be implemented by a 'HTML Parcer' class. This class will read the information being displayed by frequent flyer mileage system. [ Earlier I though of having a DAO for Frequent Flyer database, but i feel that there meight be some logic in Perl and CGI and we can't ignore them].

But I would appreciate if others can comment on this.

I am showing only web client for all seq. diagram but yes..even I am confused whether to show seq. diagram for application client or just write in my design approach saying that after Business is all same.

Ranchers !!! Please comment
My Thoughts:

The seq. of steps should be:

A. The screen where user can select seat #
Action : user submits the selection

B: The screen with all the flight detail(itinerary confirmation window), [ Though I do not consider this as a 'itinerary confirmation' 'cause user has not confirmed itinerary yet. At this page just itinerary price and flight detail will be displayed ]

Action: user confirms itinerary

c: Final step (All set!!! I am assuming that this is a final screen with two option: "Save itinerary" or "Pay it Now".

In the above mentioned steps the prices should be calculated between steps A and B. Also before calculating the price,we have to check if the user has logged in or not.(this is what I could interpret from 'Prepare Itinerary' use case )

So to me 2 checks (Customer Not Logged In', 'Customer Not Member' ) need to be done before the computation of price.

What is your opinion/comment ?
did you add ref in the middle of the box?
Thanks Cleuton ...just wanted to know whether the diagram here is UML complient or not. 'cause I am also finding the approach suggested by IBM...see the link below.

Look for the word : 'Referencing another sequence diagram' on this page

Thanks once once again.