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Recent posts by P Rathi

Guys pls help me decide and find what should I be doing next ...i mean after SCWCD....

I have always worked on web-apps and I want to stick with Java certifications. I am SCJP and SCWCD certified.

What are the possible options and benefits of each one if possible ?

Web services exam is good, but I have just 2 months of experience on Axis that too a year back. I work on Websphere, maybe Websphere certifictaions can help ? But does anybody even know about IBM certifications, does anybody even care about them, I mean do they even have value out there in job market ??

Would basic level Oracle certifictaion help in anmy manner to me as a Java programmer ? Would that be worth ?

Pks pitch-in your thoughts and ideas...

Thanks !
Google and Javaranch are your best friends for this exam. Just do a quick google and u will find tons of links. Also keep reading messages (old and new) at this forum and you will get to know a lot about the exam.

Have fun preparing and yes do get read HFSJ....
My background for this exam:
Well I have been working on web apps for quite some time, but I had never worked on EL and Custom tags, atleast never created a new one ! So i kindof struggled in EL, JSTL and Customs tags..

Also since no one practically writes servlets these days because of lot of use of Front Controller pattern in form of architectures like Struts etc...never did much of servlets at my work as well..

My preparation time :
Well i did not have a fixed schedule for this exam...Initially i was supposed to be taking it on April 14, then I delayed by 2 weeks and then one more week...something or other happened and I could not give it as per my original plan.

I started reading for exam on Jan 15, targetted first HFSJ reading in 40 days, next one in 25 days, next one in 10 days and then to take some mock test and take exam sometime in April. Frankly speaking there were some days where I was flat-out and some days where I could not get to study even a single hour. So really can't quantify number of hours.

But 25 pages a day of HFSJ on weekdays is a good way to start...and then as u understand more and pick more speed can be increased...and ofcourse weekends can be flat-out like 70 pages a a day...
I took the SCWCD exam today and passed with 89%....although I was expecting in 90's after seeing questions on the exam. But I guess I made a mess in few questions. 62 of 69 were correct. There was one additional question that I got on exam, but it was not scored.

Also read about patterns from a couple of books, mainly examples...i got a whole lot of questions on patterns than I was expecting.

Another topic you may want to review is RequestURI of HttpServletRequest.

I had scored 62% on HSFJ Mock exam that i took 10 days before my exam. Did not follow any other book, nor did I take any other Mock exams apart form the HFSJ mock exam. I started preparing for exam in February. I read only and only Head First, almost 4-5 times... No specs...no notes.

Thanks to Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. Without this book, I would not have had fun reading for this exam. BTW...the graphics were really cool !! Thanks again to all the authors of HFSJ book. Thanks to this wonderful forum as well.

Javaranch rocks !!!

Does the order of Listeners and Servlets matter in DD ?

I came across this question (in italics below) on JavaRanch Mock exam and as per it the order does matter. But on Pg 174 of HFSJ, I see a DD with "listener" element after "servlet" element. Any thoughts ??


The above entry in the Deployment Descriptor(DD) will result in which of the following?

Answer: The webapp will not be loaded due to a parse exception of the DD.

Explanation: The ordering of the DD is listener then servlet.
I have got the same questions, anybody knows answer to this ?
Who would have access ? ALL or NONE ?
[ June 28, 2008: Message edited by: P Rathi ]
Congrats ! Nice score.

Did u study specs for JSTL ?
Did u read any other book apart from HFSJ ?