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Recent posts by srini E

I believe that, Agile is also about team behavior (change to be agile) as much as it is a methodology.
How do we infuse Agile behavior into the team who have been doing non-Agile methodology for ages and make them appreciate the good things about Agile. For a good number of team size, going Agile would it be good? are there any exercises to appreciate Agile methodology.?

My Name is Srinivas Eushakoila(firstname lastname). I've updated the same in profiles per your suggestion.
btw that's not a ficticious name, may be it looks like one.
14 years ago
I've got a company sponsored WAS6 (IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6.0) exam scheduled end of week, I've been going through material and mock exam on IBM site.
I'll definitely have to take few more mock exams/questions to boost my confidence.
There is no place like "JavaRanch" to get help.
Pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me and send me leads to find more mocks/questions on WAS6 exams
14 years ago
I take back this question.

Sorry if any this question got someones attention.!!! I got it all wrong.
Reading that bullet upon mutliple times did make sense.
this is regarding <c:set> tag.
> if the "target" expression is a bean, but the bean does not have a property that matches "property", the Container throws an exception. But be careful, because the EL expression by itself will NOT cause an exception if the property doesn't exists. So even though: ${fooBean.notAProperty} won't cause an exception by itself (it just returns null), if that same "notAProperty" is the value of a "target" attribute, the Container throws an exception.

I'm confused.I did understand the first part of it but not the last part.
Please help me understanding that.
Does the above can be represented as below?
<c:set target="${Person}" property="notAProperty" value="${fooBean.notAProperty}" />

Thanks in advance.
I'd really like to know the explanation for that....

Reason: HFJS Page 414, last but one bullet reads as
-- if you specify a "type" attribute in the <jsp:useBean>, you can set properties in <jsp:setProperty> ONLY on properties of the "type", but NOT on properties that exist only in the actual "class" type (In other words, polymorphism and normal java type rules apply).

Going by above i'm wordering how is that your get value is giving empId.??

will appreciate your response..
Thank you...that relaly helped.

I was curious how did you get to know about it? I mean what do i have to go through to know thing like this?....
May be i'd find as i go along the book, but i got curious.
in HFSJ, page 408 example of having fragment of JSP as .jspf.

As per the example if i have
<jsp:include page="Header.jspf" >
<jsp aram name="subTitle" value="We take the sting out of SOAP." />
in the main JSP and in Header.jspf, if i try have
${param.subTitle } trying to get the param value it doesn't work.

I tried changing .jspf to .jsp and i could get the value.

Question in two folds:
1. why is .jspf not being treated as .jsp for EL alone...but for rest its fine ?
2. How to make .jspf behave like .jsp to make EL understandable and execute EL.?

I've read that .jspf is recommended.

I'm using
what ever server you are using, usually has readme.txt file, or RELEASE-NOTES under the installed folder.
Please go through that to find more. See the bundle API's (in tomcat atleast) to know which version of servlet. JSP spec that server follows.
this on easy way :-)

hard way is to find out programatically, you don't want to do that.
Question in detail:
When a user sends a request for the first time, how would i know if the browser has disables cookies option?
How would i know whether i should use url re-writing or cookies for session management? My confusion is how to determine which option to use for session management.
Probably i'm missing something very obvious. Dear ranchers, help me in discovering what i'm missing or direct me where i can find answers.