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Recent posts by susan waters

Thanks Peter. This answers my question. Thanks for your response.
I would like to know how much detail I need to study for UML for Part 1 exam. Is it enough if I just read cade book for UML ? it has got very basic stuff for UML and very few pages in it. or do I need to read the Book Fowler for UML portion of the exam. Experienced people- pl help me.

Thanks very much.
Hello All,
I have given K&B SCBCD Master exam today and I got 44 out of 70 which is 62%. Am I ready for the original exam ? Any suggestions from the experienced people here ? Thanks very much
I have K&B Master Exam. I know we can down load the bonus exam. Can you pl tell me where and how to get down load the bonus master exam ?? Thanks very much
Thanks. Right now I am at work and I do not have 5 compiler.
I will cehck the code when I go home with 5 compiler. Thanks for your reply.
Hello All,
Can I use Wraper Integer, Byte, Character for Switch ? I know I need to use only int, byte, char. But with auto boxing feature in 5, Can I use these ? Thanks
Why my String object created is NOT eligible for GC ?

Thanks for the reply
WHat I understnad is

void addToGeneric(List<? extends Animal> ani){
// Here I can NOT add anyting to the generic collection since I
// use extends keyword

void addToGeneric(List<? super Animal> ani){

// Here I CAN ADD Animal or subtype of Animal (but not super type
// of Animal) to the generic collection right ?

This is usefull link and it answers my questions. Thanks very much.
Too many questions on enums right ?

Is there any hierarchy that we should follow when we declare an enum ?


1. enum should first like Constants
2. enum next should have constructors
3. Next member variables declarations
4. next methods ?

I can try compiling bu putting all these pieces but just thought of asking this...thanks
I am studying enum and getting lots of questions.

I can declare a class in an enum. but my question is "how can I instantiate that class" ?

How can I instantiate a class that is declared in an enum ?

Thanks for the reply
Hello Friends,

I have couple of questions on enum.

Q1: is it necessary that enum constants should be in the first place with comma separated once I declare like

enum TEST{
SHAPE, BALL, PEN; -> Correct one

enum TEST{
int j;
SHAPE, BALL, PEN; -> WRONG ONE. Since constants are not in first place.

so the bottom line for the first question is, If at all I have enum costants that should be in the first line is it right ?


I have an emum like

enum MyEnum{
int i;
MyEnum(int i){

-> I can not have these because there is one arg constructor declared so I need to have all the constants to be declared like WATER(2), BOOK(4),
is it correct ?

q3: I can have enums declared in another enum and like a chain right ? this is something like inner classes. So in this case all the inner class rules apply to these enums also ?

q4: Is enum follow like class hierarchy ?

Hope my questions are not stupid. Thanks for the answers.

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