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While this is an old post, I figured it would benefit from an answer since one is not available.

Tomcat is indeed the one that sends back a 302 response when a trailing slash is missing from the URL.

There are a couple of ways to handle this. You can either write a redirect rule when you receive the HTTP request from the browser (due to the location header pointing to HTTP) and convert the request to HTTPS, OR you change the location header on Nginx (that was sent from Tomcat) on the fly so that http is not the scheme that is sent back on the header (to the browser). I prefer the latter since it saves a round trip and does not make a HTTP call where HTTPS is required.

You can take option B by using the proxy_redirect directive from Nginx. This directive will rewrite a location header from an upstream server (such as tomcat) before returning a response to a client. Under an appropriate location, place this directive under a location rule.

proxy_redirect http://localhost:8000/two/ /

Go through the Nginx documentation for more information on using that directive.

Before you can write that rule spend some time analyzing what Location you are actually trying to change. The Tomcat access log value can log the location header in the response.

%{xxx}o for outgoing response headers

Use %{Location}o on the AccessLogValve under server.xml to log the outgoing Location header field and place this in Nginx to avoid redirection to an unwanted HTTP URL.
9 years ago

1. What do you think about learning spring and hibernate nowadays? Is it a future, is it fun to write in those frameworks?

Spring and Hibernate are used in combination by many projects. While Hibernate is not my cup of tea, I don't see any harm in learning it.

2. Is JEE used for projects that takes less than 1 year or ROR is better here? I just have no idea what i should learn, I heard that servlets and jsp are rly rly old.

Old does not necessarily mean useless. I've found ROR painful to work with (at least when I tried it 2 years back). Ruby is also a language that allows you to shoot yourself in the foot quite easily. For example you can write a function that will handle `no method found` errors and return a response. With such power comes responsibility. I'm not sure the average Joe can shoulder that. This is my personal opinion.

There are other languages that are more expressive. I've found the expressiveness of python (list comprehensions for example) to my liking.

Why don't you go through a book like `7 languages in 7 weeks` ? It will give you a perspective on different languages and you gain enough knowledge about them to pick them up later if you need to use them.
9 years ago
I'm not from Singapore but I do know some hard working colleagues who live there.

1. Currently I don't have any offers from Singapore, Is it fine to move there first and try for an opportunity? What kind of Visa should I go for in this case?

I'd rather not risk that. I'm not aware of a VISA that would specifically allow you to squat in Singapore while looking for a job offer.

2. Is there any consultancy from India help us to get a job in Singapore? Please share the genuine consultancy details or links.

There are many. They are all genuine Whether they intend to help you out is another question.

3. What is the average salary we can get for 8+ exp?

There is no average in any line of work. You are paid by your skill. The more you know, the more you are paid.

4. How about the cost of living for a family?

It is a tad expensive. I've been there and the cost of rent is high. Apartments are leased by the government for X years (99 the last time I checked) if you're looking to buy one. I'm unaware of current monthly rates. The private apartments are more expensive but come equipped with tennis courts and other luxuries. Travelling by cab is expensive. Their train systems are cheap and are on time. Most workers use trains / buses to travel to work. Owing a car is also expensive (at least the last time I asked about it, there was a lottery system to even get one).

9 years ago

Considering I take performance engineering, will I still be able to switch to development later if I wish to , i.e will the knowledge and experience of performance engineering help me later in case I wish to switch to development?

It depends on what that term entails. I've worked on improving performance as part of a normal dev cycle, so from my perspective performance engineering involves development (once you narrow down the problem someone usually needs to write code to fix it). Narrowing down the problem also takes some skill and tools.

10 years ago
Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the amount of information that you are bombarded with at your first job. Your knowledge comes from working on it a little every day. No one gets a 6 pack ab within a week (except those people that buy the miracle ab crunch machines from a shopping network. Damn I wish I knew their secrets !). Similarly your knowledge backs your experience over time and you get better at what you do.

Keep learning everyday and make it a habit to read something new. Find something that excites you and follow it. These little drops will form an ocean one day.
10 years ago
I like Paul Graham's definition of startups -

A startup is a company designed to grow fast. Being newly founded does not in itself make a company a startup. Nor is it necessary for a startup to work on technology, or take venture funding, or have some sort of "exit." The only essential thing is growth. Everything else we associate with startups follows from growth.

10 years ago
Most human beings need 8 hours of sleep to maintain active brain function. Some can manage with as little as 4 while others need 10. It depends on the person. Sleeping routines also vary wildly based on the individual.

There have been studies to show that sustained overworking beyond a certain point actually reduces your productivity. Taking naps improves your alertness and ability to retain memory. As long as you focus on your job during an 8 hour period, you should be able to achieve a lot in that timespan.

How someone `perceives` your productivity is usually the crux of the problem. Perceived and actual productivity are different problems to solve in the work place.

Here's an interesting read related to this topic -
10 years ago

Another twist in the story is, company X manager called me and requested me to provide my github password so they can commit/checkout from my account and 'pretend' that I am still working for them.

Whoa ! Major violation right there. I'd say they have more reason to worry if you have that conversation in an email.

You are not under any obligation to work for them after you've been relieved of your duties. (This is my opinion and not legal advice. None of us know what the fine print says)
10 years ago

1 Will certification help me at this much professional experiecne or it help freshers only.?

I dont see a certification doing any harm to your knowledge. It certainly helps even when you have 3 years of experience.

2 Can i find a suitable job in Core java after having 3.10 Yrs of experience in some other technology.


What do you mean by "work in Core Java"? Define "Core Java".

This is a reference to APIs that fall under the core SDK. It excludes web / business components etc. Everything that is covered under the SCJP would fall under the definition of core java. At least that is my understanding from the OP's perspective.
10 years ago
You didn't quite mention what type of web service it was. I'd go with Ulf's suggestion on using your own dev server and configuring SSL on it. Or you could use on of several public APIs which have a getVersion() call which do not need any authentication.
10 years ago
That was funny !

Nice was to stick an ad in the end ( Not being sarcastic ). I watched it since I had some laughs first.
10 years ago
I never really had a mentor either, but at certain points in my career there were folks who gave me good non-technical advice. Those are the specs of gold dust that usually matter more to you. You can teach yourself Java / Python / Hadoop but trying to convince team B to use technology Z in favor of X is another matter.

I'm also glad that none of the companies that I've worked for tried to enforce a mentor on me. Not everyone knows what good mentoring is.
10 years ago
There is no definitive answer for this question. What you get is what you bargain for. As a friend of mine put it aptly - The crying baby gets the milk. Evaluate your worth to the company and ask for what you think is reasonable and await their response.
10 years ago

Thanks! That helped a lot - I *think* it's actually an error in the cert file I was given. If I'm reading the logs right, the issuer on the cert file doesn't match the list of valid cert authorities they accept.

From what I understand, one of the issuers on the cert chain is unavailable for verification on your client side trust store. For example - The root CA for github is DigiCert. If DigiCert is unavailable in the trust store, any communication between you and github will fail with a SSL error saying the CA cannot be verified.

To fix the problem (if that is the problem) import the CA's cert into your trust store. Who is the CA ? Is the certificate self signed ?


My assumption here is that the error you are talking about came from not trusting the cert presented by the server. Please post the SSL debug logs and we can help you further.
10 years ago
Only you will know what goals would motivate you.

  • Do you like challenges and higher learning ? Take up a certification or read X books / month.
  • If contributing to the community is your cup of tea, scan the posts on CR or other forums and answer them.
  • Like to code and want to get better at it ? - Become a frequent commiter at an open source project.
  • Know a couple of problems that everyone faces in the industry ? Write tools for them and release them to the world.

  • 10 years ago