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Recent posts by Sandeep Singh Kunwar

Hi Melissa,
Congratulations for the book!

Just curious how is it different than other books (though there are not many) ?
And what sort of methodology you have used in the book.

Will it interest kids ? may be even adults
6 years ago
Hey Congrats !!
Hope I will be in same list of fame in next 2 months
Let's have some
Hi All,
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I cleared SCWCD1.4 on 29 May 2007 with 84% .
Eventhough i din't scored well on some easy topics but 100% in Design Pattern and Deployment made me enough happy to celebrate so long .
It was a nice experience as I didn't have to study a lot like SCJP. I was working on web technologies since 2 years, which were really helpful.
Thanks to all Ranchers and authors for their invaluable explanations!
So here are my experiences.

I referred "Head First Servlet & JSP" by K & B & Bryan. And it�s sufficient to clear the exam with a nice score. For Design Patterns I referred Deshmukh�s Book. It is a nice book. Apart from that I also tried some mocks (Not much). Moreover there is lots of stuff on net.
Revision of HFServlet & JSP bullets point and exercises with No Dumb Questions helps a lot.
In the last, Final quiz from HFSJ is mandatory. And guys say that:
Final exam�s score + 20 = SCWCD score
Even though in my case it was amusing. I scored in 58% in final mock and 84% in SCWCD, almost reverse . I guess I was feeling sleepy in mock exam .

When I posted blog on SCJP in past, I remember i was searching for a good Company to give me a chance and today I am in IBM India Pvt Ltd. Certification helped me in improving my knowledge, confidence and profile.

Must say that it is the best book available in market, which actually speaks with the reader. A GUI based book is more effective than any other method. Whenever I tried to skip any exercise� it prompted me� �Wait, this exercise is not optional� � and I had to solve that exercise with a smile. Every important point was in boldly mentioned � no way can any reader skip it. Questions in exercised are close to exam except that I always missed correct number of questions (I want to show my anger hgggxxxx ).
Simply this book burns every important bit into your memory�s hardware (hope memory is not RAM).

FOR K & B:
Thanks a lot guys. Sun certifications really help me to grow professionally, and credit goes to you. Yours SCJP1.5 and HFSJ makes me addictive of Head First series, but its not fare that now you are not publishing any Head First for JWS and Architect level . I understand your stand, that number of candidates are not much for these exams, but I know that number will significantly increase if their will be Head First series for these exams. So kindly, publish them ASAP before I finish HFEJB .

From some days i am partying. And now I am searching for �Letters of Vivekanand� book. Want some rest! Well for future, even though I want to go for JWS and Architect, but I am of course not going to give them, as there is no Head First Series for them Just pushing K & B.

Hey Marc can you hang me on Wall of Flame oops I mean Fame, if i am eligible 
Thanks a lot!
[ June 16, 2007: Message edited by: Sandeep Singh Kunwar ]
Congrats a Lot!!

What i like is your honest approach to share.
Keep it up and Good luck for future !
Hi santosh!

option 2:how can we rely on ServletConfig ,they can be configured to have diff value?

I also want some clarification.

option4)can we share HttpSession ,doesnt sharing different from session migration?

what i understand is that sharing is different from session migration.
And while session migration a object can be in only and only one session at a time.

More clarifications are needed.
yes order matters,
have a google on it, and you will get some bunch of instructions regarding order in web.xml

I have also created foo.Person & foo.employee and put them in classes folder.
but I am getting an exception like this org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /TestBean.jsp(1,1) The value for the useBean class attribute foo.Employee is invalid.

class foo.employee extends foo.person // this should be class structure and
i think another reason may be
person.setName(String name) // argument must be string
Congrats !
you really worked hard.
17 years ago
Mind Boggling !!!

great work, you really pushed those limits.
17 years ago
gr8 dear!!
keep it up . Although u managed better score than me
lets chk out in WCD
Gud Luck
17 years ago
dont look further!!
just start playing with K & B, its enough
Great Marc Peabody !!

Well any views about Java Web Services ?
"how many questions for generics, how many for threads."

You are very close. From my experiance, i can suggest, work hard for Generics and Threads. It seems both are favourate topics of exam creators.
I guess, latest is better.

And it will be good if you will have a look on
Their are plenty of reasons for 1.5