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Recent posts by bnkiran kumar

I cleared SCJP 1.4 and SCWCD 1.4. I want to clear a certification in Webservices. Can any body please suggest which exam should i go for and the recommended books for it?

Thank you.
10 years ago
Hi Frits Walraven,

Does this book has theory also regarding Web services required for the exam or it's a question bank?

Ulf Dittmer wrote:According to the POSTING GUIDELINES of this forum this is exactly the kind of discussion we do not want to have here any more. Please refrain from this kind of company-specific talk in the future. Thank you.

-- Taken care... Thank you.
10 years ago
Can you please help me to decide?

About my background:

I am currently working as Associate Project Manager in an Indian MNC. I have 8 years of experience. I did Master of Engineering from B.I.T Mesra. I have two technical certifications SCJP and SCWCD.

I got offer as Senior Project Lead in a company that is best in payroll processing and the other as Senior Consultant in a top consulting firm. Both in India. The pay is almost same with both the companies. Can anybody please help me to decide?
10 years ago
Hi Sean,

Congragulations for such a good score. Can you please share your preparation tips like below?

1) How days have you prepared?
2) How many hours you used to study every day?
3) Apart from "Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (5th edition, O'Reilly)" have you referred any other material?

Your replay to this email is greatly helpful for my preparation too. Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
I am also not sure that is why i asked this question. Anyhow thank you for your reply.
I am preparing for EJB 2.0 certification. Can anybody let me know whether i can buy and appear for EJB 2.0 exam as currently EJB 3.0 is availabe?
Hi Kengkaj,

I want to clear SCDJWS. Can you please let me know where to start with and what are the books, tutorial i need to refer to. I already cleared SCJP and SCWCD.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks and regards,
Kiran Kumar
Thank you all,

I studiedHead first series and mainly did a lot of mock exams which really helped me to understand my preparation and scope for further study.
16 years ago
Hi All,

I cleared SCWCD 1.4 on 18 th with 97 %. I am greatly thankful to all you gave replies to my questions.
16 years ago
Hi Madhvani,

I agree with you. As there is no option available to disable scripting for a particular JSP and the only way to disable scripting is using DD (using <scripting-invalid> tag), we can disable scripting at only application level.

We have class files only in classes folder right, then there is no need to think about compilation. May be containter was not able to find classes,if we give classpath upto the webapplications classes directory it will work....
16 years ago
Thanks Satou and Ben,i will check...
16 years ago