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Recent posts by Vivek Kinra

Kris, How will you evaluate Ajax with other competing web technologies like FLEX etc.. for the following criteria

1) GUI responsivenesses to user in terms of speed
2) MVC implementation
3) GUI flexibility for future updates
4) IDE support
5) Platform independence like browser support etc...
Congrates Barry
15 years ago

When the client calls remove on the home or component interface to remove the session object, the container issues ejbRemove() on the bean instance.

I think still there is a confusion on this question because what Cheenu mentioned from the case when the session instance is in ready state and it is no where mentioned on specs, what will happen when a remove call is made while the instance is in the passivated state...

As posted before by Seema that this kit is not a substitute of book.

1) I was wondering does this cover only the topics dedicated to SCBCD exam or it can be use to test your knowledge in all other EJB fields too like performance, clustering, J2EE Integration etc...

2) Does the question are from academic level theory of EJB's or they relate to real time professional development environment...

Thanks a lot Salil, Satou....

It work's great...My mistake was I was trying to traverse the list by directly using the List instead of setting it in request like

<c:forEach var="object_name" items='${a}'>
<c ut value='${}'>
</c ut>

Thanks Shivani... Your second option will not work because the return type from List is Object and then we have to cast that object to its class to access the "name" property.

I haven't tried second one but I think it will have the casting problem too..

On a JSP page, How can I traverse a List of Objects say of class A and pull the values of there instance variables...


class A{
private String name;

// getter and setter's for name...

Congrates..... I got my both certificates with in a week of exam...
15 years ago
15 years ago
Congrates... Very good score...
15 years ago