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Sebastian Paz

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since Mar 11, 2006
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Recent posts by Sebastian Paz

Hi, I just got at london and I've being offered a job in java.

Now they asked me how do I want to be paid, per day or per hour? I said per hour but what do you think (if you'r not in london it doesn't matter)

How much money should I ask per hour?

I have an idea about those two question but any advise, any, will be welcomed.

14 years ago
Thanks for your answers

Mark Herschber, there, I included my last name.

Rambo Prasad, I came across that website too which is very similar to what I've heard for myself, specially about Montr´┐Żal, I guess I just wanted to hear the opposite coming from someone not working for any emigration means.

Eric Lemaitre, I know the feeling, being myself in a country that's heading (probably getting there already) the same direction and not being able to do anything about it. Funny how socialism is supposed to be "for the people" yet most people living it hate it. It is also pathetic how socialism always finds the "solution" to their problems by simply blame it to someone else, always the victim. Anyway, sorry about the politic subject that somehow came here, it wasn't the idea, but I had to say it.
[ May 29, 2006: Message edited by: Sebastian Paz ]
15 years ago
Hi, I know this question is rather strange or absurd, but I'd really like to know at least as an opinion, which country (England or Canada) offers a better chance for getting java interesting job, or just a java job? specially in main cities like london, toronto or montreal
[ May 27, 2006: Message edited by: Sebastian ]
15 years ago
Hello, my name is Sebastian, and I have a question for any of you:

Based in your experiences, what would be my chances of getting a Java internship and actually staying in the job?

I'm a computer engineer and a SCJP.

Any inputs?

[ April 21, 2006: Message edited by: Sebastian ]
15 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm new here.

Marcus Green, does the audio CD of Tiger Tamer Java have enough content inside to pass the SCJP exam for Java 1.5, considering that I already have the Kathy and Bert book for the Programmer and Devoloper certification exam for Java 1.4?

If I buy it, can I download it rather than get the actual CD sent to me, I live in Venezuela.