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Anindya Saha

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Recent posts by Anindya Saha

I am preparing for SCBCD following HFEJB. Its quite cumbersome to carry that book to wrok everyday and bring it back. Is there any way out?
thanks very much nehul. I am preparing for SCBCD. This saved a hell lot of time. I scratched for 1 hour to find the problem but in vain.

your steps proved useful.
Thanks guys. Below is a interesting question that i faced in the exam.Its not the exact copy of it but surely serves tha same purpose.

[removed question]

Hi guys, this is a really tough call, I know you said it wasn't a real exam question, but it was probably pretty close, so I decided we should remove it - sorry, but better safe than sorry.


[/removed question]
[ March 30, 2006: Message edited by: Bert Bates ]
I just cleared SCJP5 . I don't want to go for SCWCD but instead go for SCBCD because i have prior experience in EJB's. Do you think its a good approach. By the way which book do you guys follow? Head first EJB?
Thanks in advance
I passed SCJP 5 today with a score of 75%. But I would have been happier if I would have got 80%+. Can you guys give me an honest opinion who have already cleared where does this score stand?
The answer should be A
MyThread class overrides the start() method. So when myThread.start() is called it calls the overridden start() method in MyThread class and not the start() method of Thread class beacsue the reference variable type is MyThread. Hence it will print
MyThread: start()
MyRunnable class does not override start() method. Its just any other method. Now Thread thread = new Thread(myRunnable); creates a new thread from myRunnable. Calling thread.start(); will look for Thread class' start method beacsue the reference variable type is Thread which would eventually try to call MyRunnable's run method.Hence it will print
MyRunnable: run()