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Vidhya Senthilkumar

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since Mar 15, 2006
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Now I am preparing the Threads concepts. I can understand the basics.

But the synchronize concepts and wait() methods are confusting.

Like me many people are facing difficulties while learning threads.

Pl Give some tips how to start learning of threads concpets.
Pl Give some simple examples of threads.
Pl refer some useful links to learn about threads.

Thanks in advance.

Vidhya senthilkumar.
Dear Members.

I am preparing for SCJP 1.4 Version Exam.(310-035).

But I could not purchase 1.4 Version k&B Book. So that I have purchased 1.5 Version K&B book.

My question is how can i get 1.4 V book or softcopy.

[llegal request deleted - Jim]

With regards,
Vidya senthilkumar.
[ March 25, 2006: Message edited by: Jim Yingst ]
I am very happy by seeing replies to the forum.

Ok. I will apply ur tips. Continue to post ur tips.

With regards,
Hello friends.

Just now I started (one week back) for preparing SCJP 1.4 Exam.
I am preparing with k&B Book. The book is very good.

I can understand the concepts. But while answering the Self-test questions,
I did lot of mistakes and I can score 30% to 40%.

How can I improve scoring?
How can I read effectively?

Is it necessary to read some other books?

Those who are completed SCJP, Please Help me in this regard.

With regards,