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any inputs?

Help is required

15 years ago
HI All

I want to know how competant Cognizant is with respect to other companies in ECM field(Enterprise Content Management)

Documentum is a well known content management product based on Java/J2EE from EMC-square

I have an overall experience of 3 years but java experience is around 1.5 years and the last 6 months I have been working on Documentum and gained experience in Web Develpment Kit(WDK) Documentum Foundation Classes(DFC) which are product specific Java based Framework and API resp.

Please advice on prospects in Cognizant in terms of salary and in general the future of Documentum as an Enterprise Content Management software solution
15 years ago
Thanks for the reply

If I have understood correctly, can I kind of assume that I will not necessarily be typecast.

I mean Documentum is some product that has ben developed using java afterall

and at the end of the day I have still been writing java classes and methods, only thing is that it is bound to the framework used by the product

Would like to be sure that I have understood this correctly

15 years ago
Hello All,
I am an engineering graduate with 2 years experience in Networking and Product Ananlysis
These were majorly support sort of jobs

I cleared my scjp certification and did a small java based project

With this much I got some offers from companies to work as Developer on Java platform
The offer that I accepted was a less paying option compared to my earlier salary.They said that I dont have relevant experience.

Here because of my earlier Product Analyst experience , I was put in a team which worked on Content Management Software called Documentum(a product by EMC corporation)which is entirely java based.

I initally did some installation and configuration work and then got to work on developing web applications that communicate with the Documentum Content Server.

worked on Product Specific framwork called Web Development kit(WDK) which can be considered as implementation of MVC architecure and has close remeblence to Struts framework.
I have been doing this for around 1 year

After giving u this background,now if I wish to change my job,should I show my resume as a Java Developer with Documentum experience or as a Documentum product specialist .

Also what reactions can I expect from employers
Will I get only documentum jobs? and miss out on other purely java based jobs?
15 years ago
Does anybody have some information about my query?


16 years ago
Hello All ranchers

I request all to provide some information about this company called Rave Technologies

I may be getting an opportunity here.I have learnt that as soon as I join I would be flying to UK for Requirement Analysis for 4 months and then the project will be implemented in Mumbai

Does this sound reasonable?
I have done my BE in Electronics and have 2.5yrs of Industry experience with java specific experience being 1yr. in addition to me being SCJP

I mean for this kind of an experience, does the industry offer this kind of an opportunity .ie Requirement Analysis and then implementation?

Please provide your thoughts ASAP

Thanks and Best Regards
16 years ago
Hello All Ranchers

Please provide your inputs on this

Eagerly awaiting your reply

16 years ago
Hello All

I need to know about a couple of things about HSBC Pune

I know its a reasonable pay master

I want to have some more information about the following:

1. Work culture

Are we expected to work late hours and work on Saturdays?

2. Are there any firing policies in place?
When I ask about firing policies I would like to make clear that

I am not showing fake experience or fake salary or fake education/skills
I am absolutely honest about my resume

But if there is some slack period , what are the chances that company will throw us out.
Or chances of a lay off for lack of projects.

3. Is the atmosphere is HSBC conservative? or it is relaxed
I mean does the company enforce dress code and such other boring restrictions?

Awaiting your reply

Thanks and Regards
16 years ago

Actually here is some more data.
I have joined the consulting company to get good Java experience just 3 months back

However in these 3 months there was only 2 days of Struts Training.
I have written some jsp's which were a part of proof of concept to be submitted to clients from whom business is expected if the client approves the POC(Proof of Concept)This was for not more than a week.(5days)

Apart from this no Java work has happened and I am literally not getting the kind of experience for which I compromised salary.

I have to do installation and configuration kind of work for some proprietory products which are Java based.

IF again in Oracle the same thing happens then my resume after some time will look like 1.5years of J2EE experience in more than 3 companies

This will look really bad on the resume.

Also now I dont want to compromise salary because its not confirmed that u will get what u want

Its like after joining the consulting company I lost both salary and not getting the experience either.

I have given on telephonic interview by the way and I have mentioned all the things written above to Oracle HR
16 years ago
Hello All

I have 2.5 years work experience out of which Java specific work experience is around 1 year.I am a Sun Certified Java Programmer
I have chances of getting a J2EE job in Oracle
I was initially working in a storage software company where my package was 3.6lakhs per annum but the job was not on Java.I was a product Analyst there.

To get Java experience, I compromised on salary and joined a consulting company at a pay of 2.8lakhs per annum where I work on J2EE as Assistant Consultant.

In this scenario, what should be the salary I should quote if asked by Oracle HR

What is the pay scale in Oracle for my kind of experience?

Also about the work itself they have told me the following
For the first 6 months I have to work under a Java Architect and even give the Java architect exam may be.I will not be interacting with clients till that time.

After that I am expected to work between 3PM and 12midnight

If this is supposed to be coding job, why would they want to align me with the UK/US time zone

After all this is not a call center

Also with this background, what sort of work this is expected to be?

Thanks in Advance
16 years ago