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Recent posts by Andy Skalkin

Wow... after spending one hour reviewing tons of xml finally I made a wild quess and was right - the login is "system" as you probably know
Thanks anyway
18 years ago
Hi friends,
I'm new to WLS and I have a problem - when I try to get to console (http://localhost:7001/console/) it prompts me to enter login/password... Since I installed WLS week ago I don't remember the login (probably I used the default one?). What is it?
I can start default server (it only prompts for a password which I know).
Can anyone help me with this problem? This really bothers me...
18 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Rubin:
Why did you look into certification and what can/will you do now that you're certified?

Because my company pays for those certification Frankly speaking, I don't feel that I became more experienced in Java - instead, I can act like a compiler now
The second reason I'm thinking about SCJD is because my last project (I'm consulter) is a COM-based C++ stuff - I miss Java a lot Hope that SCJD might help me keep my Java skills up-to-date.
Also - I remember I saw a diagram somewhere claming that SCJD developers earn 20% more than those who isn't certified - I like money in a certain sence.
18 years ago
Just passed it with 79%.
Even though I expected to pass it with a grade about 90% I'm not disappointed - those grades are b/s.
Had about 5 questions on awt (!!!). I wasn't sure in any my answer in the awt (I'm too lazy to even try to remember all those properties of GridBagConstraints ;-)) and at last I scored 0% in awt - that's about half of my mistakes.
All questions were very straightforward - I expected to encouter more tricky ones.
What next ? Does it makes sence to open "Developer Certification" topic ? ))
18 years ago
Hello friends,
I'll be taking SCJP 18 hours after this moment
I have pretty good Java experience but I was too lazy to put real effort to this certification ... just had been reading javaranch sometimes ... passed Marcus Green's exams at 97%, 90% and 85% ... just passed the Applied Reasoning's Java Certification Mock Exam (seems that it's harder than MG's - at 78% but I did a lot of stupid errors because of the carelessness - but I took a look at SDK a couple of times
Being a self-confident person I don't have any doubts about my tomorrow's result and I never cared about my grades so I just want to thank you all guys - this is really great community here !
Take care,
will post my results here tomorrow,
18 years ago
Anand, I saw you mentioned this, sorry
Inner classes can also be marked protected afaik.

Originally posted by Jane Griscti:
Hi ameen,
When the JVM creates a new instance it
initializes static fields and runs static initialization blocls [b]in the order they appear in the file


Jane, as far as I know JVM initializes static fields only once - the first time this class is loaded into JVM.

Originally posted by sanjay kumaresan:
The control is going to the following way.
1) Line number 7
2) Line number 2
3) Line number 4
4) Line number 7
The run time environment is not entered line number 3. Before that you deveate the control to other line.

Sanjay, basically, this question relates to instanse initialization - the instanse of the class should be initialized before using it so the statement "The run time environment is not entered line number 3" is false - in your terms, you missed "line 4) Line number 3" so the correct order is
1) Line number 7
2) Line number 2
3) Line number 4
4) Line number 3
5) Line number 7
Of course this doesn't affect the result
It is not available for GC after we set anObj to null because we still have this object's reference stored in locObj.
P.S. btw I'm not sure if strings from the string pool are available for GC ...

Originally posted by sanjay kumaresan:
The question is 100% correct.
When you call the start() method it will call the run() method.
But the control will go to the main method and check whether the main method has any statements or not. If the main method has any statements first it will be execute then only it will enter the run() method.

Sanjay, please make sure you understand Java threads well - "control" doesn't go back to the main method and "check" if it has more statements. Since we started second thread we cannot be sure about the program behavior (I mean, we cannot guarantee which code executes first).
V Srinivasan, where did you find the modified version of this question? Is this the one Dave Vick posted above ? Then why do you think that the output "vandeleur 0 1 2" is not possible ?

Originally posted by Anh Chu:
Oh, this is a very tricky question! This question is not for Thread subject.
And this is my explain:
When we call :
the program jumps to
piggy(String sName)
at this time a new variable with sName is declare and refer to "vandeleur". This variable is not the static variable, is local in piggy method. So every changing with this variable do not affect sName static variable. So when the piggy() method ends, the sName local is release out the stack, the sName static variable is not changed!

Yes you are right, we can just ignore [b]sName = sName + " wiggy";
. That's why i didn't put "wiggy" in any answer . So the main issue with this question is about the Thread - I'm still waiting for Marcus to confirm this and (maybe) change the answers.
my question is --> at line 2 and line4 i am assigning object
of C to Object of B

Actually, you are casting from interface to class type (see the declaration of ob1 and ob2) - and it is legal for compiler to cast from any interface type to any class type.
On line 4, you are trying to cast from one class type to other unrelated class type - this is compile-time error.
If you want more information, refer to JLS (casting)