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Recent posts by Gab Buda

Congrats Felipe!!! very nice score

There will be less animation on the forum without you
[ April 18, 2006: Message edited by: Gab Buda ]
congrats suba!!!

that's the BEST score to do

Thanks again for your lot of

I talked about the questions on design pattern in the post just above yours

I don't have the free mock links except the mock on javaranch and jdiscuss.

I read the HFSJ once 6 month ago then took a pause then I prepared it 4-5 weeks (2H/day + almost all the weekends) but I already have 4 years of experience on servlets/jsp (no custom tags, not much security, no filters...);
In my opinion, the most important thing to do is to identify your weak points (and not to read all the book many times), and in order to do it you must do the tests.

Thanks and good luck for you
Thank you for your !

Hi Felipe,
no, I mean the full test not the free one... it worth to make the investment; I think it rised my score from 80-84 to 94

Hi Bhavna,
the questions was only on the patters mentioned in the HFSJ, but in some questions you have a combination of them (2 patterns working together to accomplish a goal); I got at least 6-8 questions about design patterns But it was ok; you must really read the quastion, there is no redundant information in it; if it is, you have not the good answer!!!
Hope it helps

[ April 10, 2006: Message edited by: Gab Buda ]
Hi all,

I just passed it and I took 94%. The most important thing that I did was (after HFSJ) the tests from enthuware; they are realy realy good, and cover some topics that are not covered at all or not enough in the book: exported variables, getServletContext+getServletPath+getServletInfo methods and a lot of questions on Design Patterns (I got a lot of them on the real exam)
I read the specs only while the HFSJ was not clear .

Thanks all of you for rising interesting questions on this site and thanks to HFSJ authors. And thanks to enthuware tests' authors.

Good luck for each of you
[ April 10, 2006: Message edited by: Gab Buda ]
Hi Bhavna, Felipe,

1) In servlet specs SRV.13.2 they say:
"The sub elements under web-app can be in an arbitrary order in this version of the specification."

2) The same pdf (servlet 2.4 spec) , lists on page 136 the child elements of <web-app> and there is no <taglib> (but there is a <jsp-config); instead, page 143: the <taglib> comes under the <jsp-config> element !

So if you have another references, Felipe, please argument...

Thank you

[ April 09, 2006: Message edited by: Gab Buda ]
[ April 09, 2006: Message edited by: Gab Buda ]
Congrats Ken!!!

and thank you for your feedback
Congratulations Marc!!!
That's a great score

I think you're the 1st person on this forum taking the exam without reading HFSJ!! You aldeady had an important experience in servlets/jsp and no need to read more than apis?! or you read another book? (just curious, i'm reading HFSJ ...)

Well, congrats again!!!

Hi Felipe,

Concerning <jsp:attribute>, you can use EL/scripting only if the attribute of the enclosing tag (for which you are setting a value with this jsp:attribute) has rtexprvalue set to true.

There is a section about <jsp:attribute> in the jsp specs (JSP.5.10)

Thanks for your question, this make us studying harder

this seems so odd that I made a little test for verify and I confirm... this is what really happens.

Tks Felipe for rising the question!
[ April 05, 2006: Message edited by: Gab Buda ]
Why would we configure the mime types in the web.xml?
Where and at which time this information is used? And who uses it? (the pair mime-type/extension) ?

(I found nothing about in the specs... )

Thank you
Hi Vinod,

(how come you're not yet banned on the forum with such an unrealistic last name? )

regarding your jsp, that's NOT a jstl problem.
If you put in your jsp only this code (I did it for you):

<%throw new ArithmeticException();%>

in the generated servlet you got (in the _jspService method):

throw new ArithmeticException();

and this will NOT compile because the compiler detects that the code after the throw statement is unreachable. You'll get this in any java class (with the recent compilers), this has nothing to do whith <c:catch>

The <c:catch> will catch the execution errors/exceptions, but this is a compilation one.

Hope this helps

[ April 04, 2006: Message edited by: gabb buda ]
[ April 04, 2006: Message edited by: gabb buda ]
I think you forgot to give us the "above code" to analyse...