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Recent posts by sachin kataria


I have java application deployed in JBOSS 4. I hava implemented Java-LDAP connection through jndi-lookup - com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory. Sometime everything is working fine but sometime I am getting "Connection reset... " error. I have also set the connection pool property then also i am getting error.

Any help on this ?

Thanks in Advance.
11 years ago

I have application deployed in JBOSS 4. I have sql server database connection through jndi lookup of mssql-ds.xml file. Now I have to fetch some details from Active directory (LDAP). I want to know how I can configure AD in JBOSS 4 and then How I can access that in code.

Thanks in Advance.
11 years ago
I have implemented REST service. I haven't implemented any calling client to call REST service. Calling client may be any third party and send request in JSON or XML. All data will be pass through SSL. Now I have requirement to implement authentication and authorization in my REST service. What is the best approach for this? How I can implement this? Any example link ?
11 years ago
I think this is not useful for my application.
I need some another way.
JAX-RS supports @Context.
Can we set cookies ?
15 years ago
I want REST services.
Once user is logged id, then it will send several request to server.
So, in that case how session should be maintain ? It should be maintain at client side?

If i want state not REST then how i can do that ?
15 years ago
I am using REST service in Apache CXF. so, is there any way in CXF to maintain state ?
15 years ago
I am creating web-application, in which client will communicate with server.
First client will send request for log-in.
So, client will be authenticate, if its valid then set the user_id into session.
15 years ago
I am using Restful Service in Apache CXF for my web application.
I want to know how we create create session and maintain state in REST service.
Is there any examples available ?

15 years ago

I am using JAX-RS (Restful Service) in Apache CXF to create my application. Xml is going back in Response. So, it is as below :


So, for this response i have created bean class :

@XmlRootElement(name = "Customer")
public class Customer {

I want to customize above xml. So, how i can do that ? It is like as :

<Customer id="123">

In short, i want I want to add attribute. So, how i can do that ?

Pls help me..
16 years ago
i have to create oracle-java source from java program. my code is :

( In Java which create java source in oracle)

strQuery += "import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory; ";
strQuery += "import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder; ";
strQuery += "import org.xml.sax.SAXException; ";
strQuery += "import org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; ";
strQuery += "import org.w3c.dom.Document; ";
strQuery += "import org.w3c.dom.*; ";
strQuery += "import*; ";
strQuery += "import oracle.jdbc.driver.*; ";
strQuery += "import java.sql.*; ";
strQuery += "public class ASComponent ";
strQuery += "\n ";
strQuery += "{ "; // error here.../
strQuery += "\n ";
strQuery += "public static void readXML(String strXML,String
strTable) ";
strQuery += "\n ";
strQuery += "{ ";
strQuery += "\n ";
strQuery += " } ";
strQuery += "\n ";
strQuery += " } ";
strQuery += "\n ";

System.out.println("Query = " + strQuery[i]);


i am getting error :

java.sql.SQLException: Non supported SQL92 token at position: 377:

so, what is that error ?
i think when it is getting '{ ' it is giving error...?
how we can use token '{}' in jdbc.

so, what is the error..?
please help me its urgent..

Thanks in advance...

i have to develop snmp based program. when i am executing my program, i am getting error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/jdmk/snmp/SnmpPduFactoryBER
at SystemInfo.getDetails(
at SystemInfo.main(

i am using j2sdk1.4.2_15 and my code is as here :
(below code is compliled but giving error at run time)


SnmpPeer snmppeer=new SnmpPeer("", 161); // error here..


SnmpParameters snmpparameters = new SnmpParameters(this.strReadCommunity, this.strWriteCommunity);




if((this.mySession != null) && (this.mySession.isSessionActive())){

this.mySession = null;

i have installed only jre version.
so, what is that error ? please help me..its urgent...

Thanks in advance...
16 years ago
hi, i have to call pl/sql proecedure through java. In pl/sql procedure as "In" parameter i have created "user defined record type" and i am passing class object as "In" parameter in call to pl/sql procedure. but it is giving error.

so, anyone can please tell me how i can pass class object as "In" parameter in call to pl/sql procedure ?

its urgent ...

pls help me...
Thank you for reply.
I also try that but getting same errors.
16 years ago

i am new to web service, and i have to create web service.
i have wsdl file and i have to develop web service using that file only.

i am using eclipse 3.2 WTP.

After importing file, when i am cretaing web service, i am getting messge,

after that when i am creating web service client, using wsdl file, which is in
Webcontent/wsdl/SampleWS.wsdl, i am getting same msg.

and when i am executing that i am getting error :

so, what is the error ?
error is in wsdl file..?

i have only wsdl file and i have to create web service using that file only.

please, help me...
its urgent...

Error in web service creation : Non nillable element
16 years ago