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Recent posts by Oscar Gonzalez

You studied for a year and still failed?!

I recommend you find yourself a new career.

Tayo, This forum is to help people to accomplish their goals, if every time you fail yo think in quitting then keep it to yourself.

What I think is that the person who failed need to focus more in what is needed to pass this exam, what are the objectives instead of trying to program a lot of things that won't be covered in the exam, and please, don get discouraged, you have problems passing the exam, so what?, Every time you program you won't be tested in speed or anything else, you will need to make the program run and with beautiful code and that's it.
Yeah, but that depends for me the exam 5 is easier, you have to memorize fewer things like the keywords and the exact values the primitives can take.
Yup, it seems that she'll had to look for new reasons to do 1.4

In my opinion is more valuable to take the Java 5 cert, bucause you know all the new features the language has.
Yes, you should be using the SimpleDateFormat class or any of the other Date Formatters you already have with Java. Take a look at SimpleDateFormat and you will get a better solution.
14 years ago
Yes, the best editor for the exam is a simple text editor.
Save the username in the context (application)object of the application and make your page search for that user everytime you create a Session with a Listener.

If you use Struts make your Action extend of a BaseAction and check for the username in that one.
[ April 20, 2007: Message edited by: Oscar Gonzalez ]
14 years ago
Yes this is a fact, Firefox share the session, IE dont'.

So if your application needs to run in every browser you might want to use the request scope in some of your servlets/jsp
I agree, even if it doesn't help you to improve your salary or to get a better job (Which is always a debate), I think it will help you to learn and apply basic skills that even a Senior developer need to refresh once in a while.
Both are different things, they complement each other, but a Web Server and a Servlet container are different things, at least with the Apache HTTP Server + Tom Cat or IBM HTTP Server and Websphere Application Server, you won't want a tomcat server to serve your static content in a production enviroment. So you want to install a Web (HTTP) server for your static content and delegate the dinamic (servlet and jsp's)content to your servlet container.
I think the question is if you will persuit the next certification which is SCEA. Anyways, congrats and keep it going.
Mi first options will be:

1. Do the sort with JavaScript
2. Do it with a scriplet
3. Use logic in your servlet (round trip to server)
4. Use a DB query (roun trio to server and SQL conection)

You are choosing the most expensive solution, I know there are only 100 rows, so it's your choice.
14 years ago
I don't think you need it, there is no objetive in it you haven't fave in the others certifications.

But if you want to say I have them ALL, then do it, I would prefer to take scjd o scea first.
14 years ago

I'm studying for the SCWCD (there is a lot of noise in my cubicle so I'm doing it at home), but my company let me study during work hours and I have a few time to dedicate to other thing, I was thinking in start developing the SCJD assignment, does someone is doing this?, as far as i know both cert have different styles so I don't see any problem but what do you think?

Also I want to do it by this year so how much work hours will it take?, I saw the faq and it says 3 weeks of 40 hours but in sun's faq it says a fast programmer can do it in 20 hours, any thoughts?

And yes i know about the mythical person month, just put an estimate if you want.
Why are you confused?

If Sun replied that you can upload the code then upload the code, here is why I understood.

The first voucher will let you yo download the assignment.
There is no time limit to upload the app.
Then you'll have to have another VALID voucher for the oral exam, if you had one and expired just buy another one and do the exam.
And after that you passed the SCJD,