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Recent posts by Abhishek Reddy

I am not sure, also i am new to the file server.
How easy to setup the file server on the network ?
Any other alternatives to file server.
4 years ago
We are using a multi node environment
We are storing the files in a tomcat server.
first user when accessed the application directed to node one and he uploaded the file. the file sits in the tomcat server (T1)
Second user when accessed the application directed to node two and uploaded the file. the file sits in the tomcat server (T2)
first user when accessed the application again directed to node two and the user not able to see the uploaded file as it is there in the node one.

How to handle these situations ?
How to sync files acorss nodes.
what is the best way to implement this requirement ?
do we need to use central file repositories ? Please suggest some examples .

Need your thoughts and inputs. thanks in advance.

4 years ago
Hello Tim,

I have one more question for you.

When i click on the modal panel link, the current page is getting refreshed. Inside the modalPanel window, I have save and close button...when I click either of the buttons backend page(modalPanel calling page) is getting refreshed. How to stop refreshing the backend page (modalPanel calling page) ?

11 years ago
thanks for the help, its working now.
11 years ago
Thanks for the reply,

I did the way you have suggested, but failed.... below is the code


The above code is not working, could you please tell me where I went wrong ?


11 years ago
Hi All,

I am new to JSF, I need help in invoking rich:modalPanel from another page ?

For example:
Consider Page1.xhtml
In the above page, I have to provide a link somewhere in the middle of the form which popups the modalPanel. This modalPanel is in another Page (say modalPage.xhtml)

The modalPanel content should be in a different page as it is needed in the multiple pages of the application.

Note: This modalPanel has another form which takes some inputs from the user.

I have used <ui:include> tag to include the content of the modelPanel.xhtml and used the below code to invoke the modalPanel (in Page1.xhtml), but it is not working.

<a href="javascript:Richfaces.showModalPanel('modalPanelID')">Display Modal Panel</a>

I think it is not finding the id 'modalPanelID' of rich:modalPanel tag which is present in another page, but not sure about that.

Please provide your thoughts.

11 years ago
Thanks Bill, for the information, i will go through the links
Let us consider employee obj is there in cache (Session level cache). An external appln. has updated the employee object which is there in session, now how can I make sure that objects in cache are always in sync with database ?

Please provide your thoughts on this.
Do I need to follow any design pattern here ?

How to print windings characters in pdf using itext ?

How to print content of different fonts in pdf ?
thanks Mr.David Newton for the reply,

I didnot understand, can you please explain?
13 years ago
how the values added from two different browsers can be seen in either of the browsers? whats happening internally in the struts2.0 framework?

here is the code for struts.xml, Action and service class

Its an data entry appln. for performing CRUD operations on employee details
when i try to access the appln. from two different browsers, i can able to see the values added from either of the browsers. how this is happening?
are the added values are serialised internally?

please help me..........regarding this
13 years ago
Its working, i have to add cascade="all" in the employee mapping file

Actually i tried for uni-directional mapping, but it forced to have bi-directional mapping.

I would like to know the reason to opt for bi-directional mapping.
i have modified the mapping file for emptechnologies

Now, there are no errors, but failed to save the collection of childs in the database.

what is the workaround? did i miss anything?
do i need to iterate through each and every child in collection and save them separately?

hi everyone,

I created a one-to-many mapping between two table for example employee and emptechnologies, its like an employee knows many technologies

here are the respective mapping files
employee table

emptechnologies table

Here is the access Code..........

When i try to run this code it is giving the following error......

thanks for the reply,

iam using jsp for displaying data.

used jstl core tags for iterating through the list and displaying the same in the jsp
13 years ago