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when the client calls remove on a bean that has been in passivated state,the container first invokes ejbActivate to bring back the bean to method ready state then the ejb remove is called on the bean to remove the bean.
hi guys i got 80% in the exam. i felt its all straight forward questions,except the questions from threads and garbage collection. my advice is that u guys concentrate more on K&B and then go through Khaled mughal once.then u will get through the exam.
can any one suggest me what exam should i take next.which is the easiest one scwcd or scbcd?

thanks for the support.
15 years ago
i think it would be b and c.
every class is an extension of java.lang.object
so its not needed to import java.lang
second when they are declared public it should be saved in classname.java
if the class is not declared public and the file is saved as some other name.java then u dont get the compilation error only u will be able to get run time error.
class c1{
and save it as c2.java
u dont get any compilation error.

any comments