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Your mileage may vary depending on your skill set, number of years of experience, your location in US, how aggressive and well connected your marketing guy is and your luck..
Typically when you land in US through "consulting" company, you are put up in their guest house. If it�s your first visit to the country then some time is spent in your orientation, getting your SSN, driving license, bank accounts, credit cards etc. At the same time your marketing guy starts calling up his/her contacts and discussing your CV. If he is well connected, he can arrange interviews quickly and frequently. But there are two types of interviews..
1. Middleman / Preferred vendor interviews: If your consulting company is small, then chances are it won't have any direct clients. So it will have corp-corp agreement with bigger consulting companies like K-Force, Tek Systems, Jean Martin etc (check www.dice.com). If lets say CISCO wants to ire few contractors, it will go to K-force in bay area. If K-force doesn't have anybody with required skill set and experience, (most often they won't have) then will come to your company. Your marketing guy will be more than happy to present your CV to K-Force. If K-Force likes your CV, they will take your "interview". Most often than not, they will just check your communication and get a feel from you about your experience. - This thing is called as the middleman interview. I feel its just waste of time because it�s ultimately the client interview which is going to decide whether you get the contract or not. But then again this is the first step in securing a client interview so your should humor the middleman. Because he decides whether or not to submit your CV to the client.
2. The client interview: This is the real thing. If the middleman submits your CV, and client likes it, you are given a interview slot and the interview takes place. There can be multiple rounds of this depending upon how finicky your project manager is and how important the position is. Once you clear these rounds and there is an agreement between the client - the middleman and your company, you are offered the contract. Keep in mind that most often, the client doesn't know who your real employer is. For him the middleman is single point of contact. So it�s a layered architecture .

Now when your company is saying they can arrange 4-5 interview a day for you then there can be many possibilities:
1. You are top notch professional with skill set which is extremely rare and is in Hugh demand.
2. Your company is direct vendor to many big companies.
3. Your company is exaggerating and also including middleman interviews in the count. Then also it�s on the higher side.

Typically 3-4 calls per week are average now days.

14 years ago
Well its because those "consultants" are not honest. I think (I am not a lawyer so I may not be right) for normal processing the fee is $1750 or somewhere around that. If your company opts for premium processing, where you get the result on your case in 15 days, INS or UCSCS charges your comapny $1000 extra.
H1 is valid for 6 years unless you have filed for GC and the filing has passed certain stage before the end of your 6 years on H1. The consulate may stamp your fresh H1 validity for 1 year/ 1.5 years, 3 years etc. but then if its a fresh H1 after a gap of a year outside US, you can get it extended for 6 years.

Your consultant may give you some twisted information to confuse you and make you feel that you have no choice but to aggree to his demands (such as security deposit, passport submission). You can always get official information from INS sites or www.murthy.com
14 years ago
I got interview today for J2EE consultant position. Its been a long time since I interviewed for hardcode techi. position. or for that matter interviewed for any position. So naturally I am nervous. And it doesn't help much knowing the client is one of the most coveted companies in e-commerce in bay area, known for its tough interviews.
Anyway I will try to stay calm and talk slowly as when I am nervous, I tend to speak extreamly fast and sometimes my I/O is faster than my CPU :-)
Wish me luck !
14 years ago

I have 10 years of experience in s/w design / development. I am currently in US on H1B. Have 3 years of US experience and 2 years of UK experience. I have Sun certification as a programmer and as a architect (SCJP&SCEA) and IBM certification in UML/OOAD. I am willing to relocate to anywhere in US and am available immediately on corp-corp contract or contract to hire basis.

Kindly drop me a line if you have a suitable opportunity for me. You can reac me on koni_tari@yahoo.com. I will then send you my detailed CV and contact information.


Koni Tari.
14 years ago