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Recent posts by srinivas.rao marasu

Dirk, but still it's good score.Thanks for sharing your views and thoughts for preparing the exam.
15 years ago
Finally i recieved exam voucher for Rs5500/- from BasheerBagh NIIT on 14th evening.

Thank you all.
ThankYou very much ravi for your timely information.

well done mr.sean inspite of your difficulties,all the best for your next scbcd exam!keep it up!
How many questions were on design patterns?

congratulations,you got beautiful score,i think if you can mention what links or sites you have used for mock exam questions?and also time you took for the preparation?it is good for all of us who are aspiring to write the scwcd exam?


Congratualations Once Again!
congratulations chaubey keep it up! :roll:
um..After a great frustation and moving one chapter 2chapters further and rechecking the code again and again finally i found the mistake myself,it's a just typing mistake about Style attribute.
um.. after lot of frustation by tracing out the code,again and again finally i
got it,just a typing mistake about Style attribute.
Thank you Praveen,

I just downloaded,the notes,it's a PDF consisting of 54 pages
i hope i downloaded the right one?I need one clarification from you,how much time you took for you preparation to clear both scjp,scwcd?ofcourse it's depends on individual ability,but still i want in general how much time people are taking to clear these sun certification courses?

Thank you,
Congratulation once again having cleared both great certification!
Congratulation Mr.Praveen Joe!

Praveen can you tell me where can i get Fredrick Esnault notes.If you have it can you please me mail to this

Thanks in advance.
Once again congratulation to you!
Hai rajkishore,

Thank you for reply,However in the HeadFirst Servlets&Jsp modified version of servlet3 they have not mentioned "/",but still i followed your suggestion but still i am getting the same exception as described above.I followed exactly what it was mentioned the book,i rechecked the code too,but still don't know what is wrong? any suggestion?

Thank you.
HeadFirst servlets&jsp this is the book who wrote by co-developers of real exam scwcde for 1.4.This is the book most popular world-wide for scwcde.
RequestDispatcher view = request.getRequestDispatcher("result.jsp");