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Recent posts by kiran kumar

Thanks Jaime Tovar for the reply. I have worked out that in a similar way.

16 years ago
I have a java class which reads some properties from a property file(which contains database server urls username and passwords).I want
to jar the class file and give it to the some other project so that they can just change the properties file if needed and use the jar file in their project . When i make the jar file ,i see that the property file is inside the jar file and is not user freindly to modify.
I would appricate if someone could help me to know ,
"How can we make a jar file so that its properties file are exteranal to jar".
16 years ago
Hello All ,
i am using sun one server 6.00 (web server), as it is a websever it doesnt have the implementation of the Jms spec. Now i am in the need of doing asynchronous messaging and for this i need to use jms.
My question is can i use openJms with sun one webserver and if yes can you plese some articles or info abt it .
I appreciate any inputs.

18 years ago
yes i kept in the relative path. 10 out of 10 times on my system works perfect. But on some other systems its is not.
i do observe in my system that it is first opening the "blankpage.html" and then gets overwritten with scrip stuff(caledar stuff). In that mean time, on some systems it shows page not found error and on some systems it works perfect.
Hello Eric,"blankpage.html","cal","toolbar=0,width="+calWidth+",height="+calHeight+",left="+(winX+calOffsetX)+",top="+(winY+calOffsetY));

with that, now it is not giving any more warning about changing from non secure to securemode. I get a different problem this time
some times the calendar popups with error 404 page not found and sometimes the calendar is perfect.

Eric Please reply.
Hello Eric,"blankpage.html");

When i am testing this on http server, FireFox browser is displayng the html code in the calendor pop-up whereas with the ie it is fine.

any idea how to make it correct with Firefox ?
Hello Eric
I am sorry. What i said was blunder , it is not working .

I am using the pop-up calendar from

i have a code like this

<script language="javascript" src="js/cal2.js">

<html:text property="toDate" /> <a href="javascript:showCal('Calendar2')"><img src="images/calendar.jpeg" border="0"></a>

and my showCal function does the things what you exactly guessed"","cal","toolbar=0,width="+calWidth+",height="+calHeight+",screenx="+(winX+calOffsetX)+",screeny="+(winY+calOffsetY));;

and now what i am trying to do as u said is"blankpage.html");

i hope it will work ,i cannot test it now as i have to move the code to the https server.

i will post it how it works when i deploy to htttps server.

anyways lots of thanks
i have moved my web/js/myscript.js to jsp/js/myscript.js and now its working.
i think by this i am not going out of https.

thanks much Eric.
Hello Eric,
First of all thanks for the response.

>> change the links to the js file and popup to https

I am calling the javascript function which is in .js file. i am sorry to say that i dint get your second part of the line

>> change the links to the js file and popup to https

can you please be more clear.

now my .jsfile is the path

Do you want me to move that ?
I am on a team developing application on secure server(Https).
i have a java script calendar popup for date field. As my appliation is https ,if the user clicks caledar popup, the browser pop-ups a messages saying "you are about to leave secure connection" , i understand that this is because of the browser setting to warn if swicthng for secure to nonsecure settings.
I dont want this pop-up to come up when the user clicks on java script caleder pop-up.

i greatly appreciate if someone can give me an idea to get rid of the browser pop-up notification.

thanks in advance
thanks for your input
<html ptions ... /> worked out.
18 years ago
I have a Map in session and i want to populate the drop down element with the values in the Map. I am to able do it with List in session.

some thing like
<html:select property="Reports" >
<html ptions name = "collectionname" />

Now i have a Map in seession like
myMap.put("1" ,"Robert");
myMap.put("2", "David");
mymap.put("3", "Edward");

and i want my drop down to have values populated with keys of map like 1, 2, 3.

can anyone help me how to acheve this using
html ptions , I appreciate any inputs.
18 years ago
Stefan Evans ,

Great and thanks ,what i was trying is to define string array with c:set tag and now i learnt that it not possible.
another thing you told me well is that i have to set the scope.

18 years ago
i am expecting it to write the value at the index 0 in the string array exportMethod. what i am doing is also that i beleive.

<c:out value="${exportMethod[0]}" />
18 years ago
Hello Bear Bibeault,
thanks for ur reply.
infact i tried that i dont know why it is not working .I am using sun one app server.

here is the code what i have

<% String [] tipReport = {"Transaction Detail","Reference/Batch Summary","Card Type Summary"};

<c:setvar="exportMethod" value="${tipReport}" scope= "request"/>
<c:out value="${exportMethod[0]}" />

i dont understand where i am lost .
18 years ago