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Sue Elvins

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since Apr 04, 2006
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Hello all,

Let me first say I am just thrilled beyond no other beginning programmer's dream to find this forum! I had actually heard about this place when reading a the O'Reily's book "Head Start Java". I came across a section that mentioned the URL that had beem mentioned and had marked it down for a future visit. I can't recall the last name but I remember the first name was Kathy, sounded like a really sweet lady (and smart too!) from the description. Anyway.

I am a full time college student currently attending a beginners class in JAVA. As good as the class is, I'm not fully grasping certain concepts and that's frustrating to say the least. I've reached a point where I would like some solid feedback on where the improvements and my mistakes are being made rather than hearing this is wrong this is wrong, etc. I have to say when I started reading this reference book that directed me here it was the first time when I didn't feel totally useless or helpless if that makes sense. I'm a UNIX programmer by trade but to in my mind JAVA is like a cup of hot coffee right now. LOL! It's just a matter of breaking through that mental block first you know?

Ok, now to my questions. I'm currently working on a loop applet; the intent is for the user to enter a number 10 times. The number that is entered by the user is then displayed on the screen. EX: "You have entered: " When the user has entered 10 numbers, the highest number will then be shown to the user. EX: "The highest number is: "

Now I am showing 2 errors. I will be using 3 variables within the script. Now they all need to be declared at the beginning of the .java file correct?
For example...
public class Largest
// initializing variables in declarations
int counter = 1; // number counter
int number = 0; // number attempts entered
int largest; // result from user

// process 10 using counter controlled loop
while ( counter != 10 ) {

what I sort of understand is the if, else, while statement. But what I don't understand is don't you have to claim what is happening before you can clame the if else statement? Does that make sense or am I confusing myself??

I'll stop with my questions there so I don't get ahead of myself or get any more confused. Sorry so long but it's really good to be here and I look forward to chatting with everyone!

14 years ago