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Recent posts by ricky mehta ricky mehta

please guys help me out,,, i m short of time, date nearing,
its java \SQL 1+ for which i m appearing.. up..

i took it for a dynamic group where ppl would be interactive
15 years ago

Originally posted by Ali Hussain:
This might be helpful:

Oracle Interview Questions + Placement papers

Good luck!

Thanks a Peanut.. Thanks a ton.. i m confused
yaar i know this site very well.. i m looking for 2006 or latest papers,
if any one of our member have given it in recent past.. his\her advice would come of gr8 use.

so looking frwd for more posting..
15 years ago
hye all
This is my first post to this discussion booad n i hope members would be helpful and sharing out here.

can any bdy help me out with the paper patter of Oracle?
1+ year J2EE-PL\SQL
Any link or concrete stuff would be highly appreciated.

Guys jus make me click this one.. i m bored into this current one of mine,
do i need to say.. i m looking for a break desperately

Jus another Member
15 years ago
hello guys,
It seems that you guys r well aware of Lehman Brother.
I am jus another IT professional wrkng in MNC in JAva\J2ee in MNC, noida based.
well can anybody help me out with the test paper pattern\interview
I got my paper scheduled on saturday.

If things done before the time,things would be highly appreciated
15 years ago