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I am not sure... but i think the question is not distinguishing between overridden and hiding,

only final method cannot be hidden or overridden.

static and pirvate methods get hidden but cannot be overridden
question is incorrect... refer K &B errata
it can be any combination of 1 & 4 , 2&4, 3 & 4, but 4 is the one that is required, so in short, i agree
I am not sure. There could be some mistake.
Anyway the most appropriate answer should be

it compares the object type and reference.
you can actually create an instance of inner class from a static method, just not the one referring to the current instance (using this)
See below,


If C==(A+B) // notice this should be '==' not '='
i am not sure... the only declaration i think that will compile is

List<? extends E> output = null;

where E is whatever you choose to define input...
This was a tricky question... but i wouldnt have slept if i couldnt figure out either... so i had to... Here is the reason:

Everytime you call rt.freeMemory(), the memory changes. coz the stack keeps getting assigned a new method call etc. etc. So the time when you call rt.freeMemory() in the if condition, the free memory is different from when you call it in the print statement. Actually, the free memory when you call in the if statement is never same, so it executes continuously and the free memory when you call it in the print statement is almost always same baring the first one or tow times, after this, its a recurring structure inside the same loop, so the structure never changes.

Hope i cleared you doubt... and if i didnt clear your doubt, run this code instead and see the output, you will understand, there is nothgin wrong going..

depends on the who is opposite.

either fight or run!!!
15 years ago
You have one year for the voucher to expire from purchase date. So if you purchase the voucher today, you have until apr 12, 2007 to give the exam.
They are mainly used for creating functionality very specific to the particular class. You probably cannot use the functionality with any other class. Sure, you can just create methods for it in the same class, but as OO principles, one class one functionality.
actually, it doesnt give me an error in eclipse. but if i use my command prompt and run the code. it does give me compile error.