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Recent posts by Bob Reardon

I feel safer already.
4 years ago
5 years ago

Just popped in to see my favorite site.
7 years ago
I found this great video on the history of Bletcchley Park, It gets into the details of Enigma and Lorenz. Well worth a view.
9 years ago
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Imagine - Jonah Lehrer
11 years ago
I ordered a Raspberry Pi on Sunday night from Element 14. It arrived today. Still waiting on the other bits and pieces to make it work. I bought "Raspberry Pi A Quick Start Guide" by Maik Schmidt. The possibilities seem endless.
11 years ago
If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

-African proverb
12 years ago

Mark Spritzler wrote:"Mmmm, Juicy Fruit. My favorite."


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
12 years ago

Mike Simmons wrote:

Bob Reardon wrote:A few more...

Kevin Costner - Cary Elwes

Robin Hood

Correct! Prince of Thieves - Men in Tights.
12 years ago

Joanne Neal wrote:

Bob Reardon wrote:Alanis in a Jay and Silent Bob movie whose name escapes me...

Actually a Ben Afleck/Matt Damon movie (although Jay and Silent Bob were in it) - Dogma

I stand corrected.
12 years ago

Matthew Brown wrote:

Bob Reardon wrote:Burgess Meredith - Danny DeVito

The Penguin?

A few more:

Peter Cushing / Hugh Jackman
Michael Caine / Sylvester Stallone
Alanis Morissette / Morgan Freeman

Matthew and Fred are correct

Alanis and Morgan both played God. Morgan in Bruce Almighty and Alanis in a Jay and Silent Bob movie whose name escapes me...
12 years ago
A few more...

Ray Liotta - D. B. Sweeney
Burgess Meredith - Danny DeVito
Kevin Costner - Cary Elwes
Steve Martin - Marlon Brando
12 years ago

Greg Charles wrote:Mangel like mangelwurzel? I hate code that turns everything into root vegetables! On the other hand, it seems you're ranting against software that acts like it knows what you want to do better than you do. Like when you want to highlight part of a sentence in Word, or (Og forbid) part of a single word) and no matter how deftly you move your mouse, Word officiously highlights more than you wanted. I end up having to paste things into Notepad, and then recopying the part that I actually wanted. I'm sure there's a setting somewhere, but I've searched the menus for, "Stop helping me dammit!" and haven't found the toggle yet.

Microsofts Paperclip haunts me to this day.
12 years ago
Congratulations!! Thanks for mentoring the next generation of scientist and engineers!!
12 years ago

Tim Moores wrote:What kind of a house are you guys running that it's imperative to keep an eye for the door?

They are just taking prudent precautions for the Zombie Apocalypse.
12 years ago