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IntelliJ IDEA expects resource bundles to be located under your source roots or in your web resource directories (for web-applications). In these places they should be found.
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You'll get control even without a book. Moreover, IntelliJ IDEA's distribution contains an Eclipse plugin that allows migrating your Eclipse project into its own project format.
The book will help you dig deeper into IDE capabilities, and may show the best way to work with it. Each new chapter, or even section will add to your knowledge.
There shouldn't be any issues, and even now latest Java 6 builds are already compatible with it.
I think the best reply would be "The book is targeted to those who were wondering why there were so many books on Eclipse and not a single one on IntelliJ IDEA"
This is true, but there is another side of the medal. This book is not just about obvious or hidden features... It is not about relieving someone's confusion from the first look at the IDE. IntelliJ IDEA is so intuitive that it can hardly confuse anyone.
We wanted to write a book about a tool that is already popular and highly valued, and show how to use IntelliJ IDEA even more effectively.
And that's why (you are absolutely right Satou) a real-world sample project is of a great help.
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I hope site owners do not find this info inappropriate for the topic, as it may serve as a nice addition to the materials that people can find in the book. Since among the forum's audience there are participants interested in documentation on plug-in development for IntelliJ IDEA, I decided to provide a link to the JetBrains' web-site where you can find the most recent documents and even a live demo that may really help in your first, as well as more advanced, steps. So here it is:
Developing Plug-ins for IntelliJ IDEA.
Hope you find this helpful...
I wouldn't actually call it a Reference in its common meaning. However it can be used as a reference as well. In addition to guiding you through the IDE features (with the help of a sample project), the book also provides you with useful tips, shows workarounds basing on real-world use-cases, etc.
It is obviously better to have IntelliJ IDEA installed when reading the book, but even without that, one would get an impression of what this tool really is.
Yes, the book contains this info, and much-much more. It is actually written to help people find features, use them productively and solve potential problems
Actually, the IntelliJ IDEA plugin repository is accessible from inside the IDE, with the help of the so-called Plugin Manager that will allow you to install/uninstall plugins, get info on new updates, etc. The site you are mentioning is mostly for the plugin developers who can upload new plugins and updates there. For the IDE user everything is much more friendly and intuitive :-)
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