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Recent posts by Ajay A Patil

> Then again, the WebSphere EJB container can kill ANYTHING after its > max transaction time. I wonder how they do that.

Possibly a non-standard feature in the IBM JVM.
The massive size lists created by your methods must certainly
consuming memory, but the Proxy code does not seem to be related
to them.

You can try
- Commenting out the logging statements and check how it works.
- Commenting out your DateTime class.

Another suggestion is to implement a static method DateTime.getCurrentTime()
so you dont create two new DateTime instances for each method invocation.

Finally, are you caching your java.lang.reflect.Method instances ?
i.e how do you pass the Method object to the proxy class's invoke

Hope this helps,
15 years ago
Check if the package for "MyException" class has changed.
15 years ago
Actually, you will also have to escape the '.' character.

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("([a-z,A-Z,0-9,_, ,/,\\\,-,.])+[\\.]+ jar|class|txt)",Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE);
15 years ago

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("([a-z,A-Z,0-9,_, ,/,\\\,-,.])+[.]+ jar|class|txt)",Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE);

In Java regular expressions, when you have to use DOUBLE BACKSLASH
as escape character. Java eats up one BACKSLASH, and the regular
expression engine eats the other BACKSLASH.
15 years ago
Noticed that
N sin a + c cos a = N - c
N cos a + c sin a = N

But, unable to solve this and get 'c' in terms of 'N'.
15 years ago
I am sorry. my reason/proof is wrong.
** lol ** need to give more thought.
15 years ago

Ajay: Why? Give a prove, or at least a reason.

The hypotenus of a right-angle triangle cannot be the same length
as one of the other sides.

But, the problem was really nice.
I am sorry if I spoilt it for the others.
15 years ago
Trick question.. The stripe will never fit.
15 years ago

> (char)145 returns ?
> (char)129 also returns ?

Try running the following code.

The output will be:

Actually, the ascii character 145 and 129 are displayed
as '?' in the console.

This is only a display issue and perhaps you shouldnt worry about it.
Reading your mail, I think you should have no issue in converting
it into the hexadecimal string and generating your image.

15 years ago
No, the client machines dont need JRE.
15 years ago
As follows:

15 years ago
You can do it as follows:


15 years ago
Because the return type of List.toArray method is Object[]

At runtime, the toArray return method returns the same type of array
as is passed as parameter.

But this information is not known to the compiler.
The compiler only knows that the return type is Object []
and so it forces you to type-cast.

Does this make sense ?
15 years ago
> because 1) I want to be able to pass the School object around. I
> cannot do that if it is an abstract class

The above assumption is not correct.
You can pass around an object of an abstract class, just like you
pass an object of an interface or any other class.

So, you can think about this option again.
15 years ago