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Originally posted by Rambo Prasad:

Try to refrain from cheating,but if you have no other oprion and once you decide to cheat do it perfectly such that you dont get caught...
You just cant keep thinking about ethics and let your family starve....I know people who faked ,yet they have managed to escaped wipro's verification proces...

Try to look out for some other companies prefarably small ones and keep trying for some other companies...Dont get boged down,,,

Best of luck

thanx for advice prasad .This time i have done the same .i got all the documents from a company cum training institute and concerned person told me that he ll be responsible for all the cross verification. I again got the job but this time i was careful .i got the 2 offers from a big MNC on contractual basis and one permanent job from a medium size company. i preferred medium size one as i thought they do not have that much strict cross verification procedure.i hope this time i would not be mess.
15 years ago

Originally posted by kannan:
Yes I agree there are fake CVs. But argument is different.

Some companies are firing people in the name fake certification if they don�t have any work for those people.
Whenever need they are haring without checking certification for their urgent project need.

My Question is why are not verifying strictly before issue the offer latter, I heard that companies sending people after 6 month even after 24 month.

I don�t know how many companies are giving correct information for former employees. If the concern person in HR dept left that company who will give ref about former employees.

It is company responsibility to verify the candidate before issuing the offer latter, they should not verify after join into the company.

I agree with u .In my case they fired me after 5 months of joining .And they have probation period of 3 months .After 3 months every employee is confirmed .During this 5 month tenture ,i got 2 appreciation letter from my project manager and onsite team despite this they fired me in Name of ethics and some ediot HR policies. i dont think i was not capable otherwise i would not be able to handle work . My TL told me in my last meeting with him , tht i m capable person and he advised me to get a exp. certificate from a company where anyone can cross verify .There r lot Institutes and companies who offer this kind of services . So my point is this ,if the person is capable and u have tested him for 4 or 5 months,u invested your resources in him ,now at time when he has just started giving ouput u fired him . i dont understand the logic . Evrebody is doing this i know many people who r still working with tht comapny with fake Exp. But they manage to cross verify their credentials . so anyone who is caught is the only culprit .
15 years ago
Hii Guys,
I was just browsing net for this kind of information .And i landed on this Forum. Who else will understand this better then me.I Am a B.E Computer Sc. Graduate.After completing graduation,I have done C.C.N.A Certification and got job in a company . After some time i found that job is not satisfying so I left it.One of my frnd suggested me to do Software testing Course from a training Institute in Delhi as i was desperate to switch in Some software work . while doing this training , there was some serious problem ,due to which i could'nt continued my job search and left for my home.When i came back its almost 2 years passed and my experience was only 4 or 5 months in IT industry .i tried very hard to get a job with this genuine experience .i did not recieved calls from comapnies .Even if anybody calls ,they are more intersted in my career gap not in my skills .So i decided to fake my CV .After that i got plenty of calls & i landed up with a Cool job in a MNC with a fat pay package. Recently they fired me as they cross checked my exp.
so guys i m telling u all this coz sometimes circumstances lead to person to do such kind of things .Its not always Salary or other things are in picture.I am not justifying this thing.But U have to consider both side of picture.
15 years ago