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On an entirely different note.
I had read this long back about how ties came into existence.
It seems,this tradition was there in some African tribe.
In the tribe,to prove that one was powerful or vest control (either on a female/territory) a person had to do away with his
competitors.This killing would usually happen with spears/knives.
After the killing,to proclaim to the rest of the tribe about his brave deed(more to instil fear and hence respect for him ,in others)
the killer would smear the blood soaked knife/spear across on a piece of cloth(something like striped ties ,you get now).
This piece of cloth was hung around the neck.So in effect,by looking at the number of stripes on the cloth the tribesmen could judge the person's clout.

This is where the neck tie originated.Even today we see some striped ties,albiet with various colours and no relation to blood.

And ,if all this is true I still don't know where the wrong interpretation came in coz now gentlemen(granted businessmen and various other xxxMen do wear)wear ties.
But if you were to go by this story one can easily say it was murderer's who wore this ornament.
15 years ago
You might also have a look at Lucene.
[ April 26, 2006: Message edited by: Chetya Benkipuri ]
15 years ago
You can have a look at jibx as well

or XmlBeans at

Personally,I feel jibx is better.
The site is easy to understand.XmlBeans tutorials are buggy or atleast they don't work as the ppl say.

Hope this helps.