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Recent posts by Rajesh K Singh

salary for 7 yr exp. ranges between 7 to 20 Lakhs or more per annum, depending on your mind spectrum
10 years ago
. Knowledge of EJB does not guarantees you to be an Architect, less projects now use EJB.

try to follow opinions of other ranchers who have posted in this thread, they have posted excellent views

try to find out mentor in your company

try to keep in touch with other technical crowd in your company

keep googling and read technical blogs/posts on J2EE and other topics.

start writing your own blog posts, technical articles on sites like developerworks, javaworld etc

try to find out what career path your company offers for an architect.
10 years ago
you can do the following:
.do not wait for 1 months, you can tell your new company that you are still a fresher and were not working anywhere.
.you can still submit details in NSR with new name Alex A Roe, where A being your father's name, in this way you can defeat the very purpose of NSR
. i dont understand why your company wants to keep you for full 1 months given that you are just a fresher joined back 3 months back and assume you were on training for atleast 1 month, so with this 2 months of experience & for all practical purposes you are useless for them. why dont you speak to your HR. tell them that you are absolutely useless and can be removed in next 1 week.
. by the way no company buys notice period of freshers, so don't consider this option.

10 years ago
> Comparing ajax with jsf/struts is like comparing apples with oranges, there are several JSF frameworks available with ajax support
> now a days integration projects (typical EAI projects) are known as SOA projects and hence SOA/Integration technologies are much in demand.
> JSF is very easy to implement due to good tooling support provided by IDE like Rational developer etc, but using JSF without understanding its intricacies,lifecycle etc can bring a havoc to the project in terms of performance.
> Trend may keep on shifting between JSF and Struts for next few months, both have their own plus and minuses.
10 years ago
At our job we encounter these kind of situations very often when someone or other team member goes on leave (sick leave/emergency leave/fake sick leaves etc),

Following is the situation i faced as a team lead :
I request readers to suggest what went wrong in my case and what i could have done as a lead:

1. a developer wanted to proceed on planned leave due to some medical reasons for his family member
2. bypasses me and approaches pm for leaves.
3. pm does not want to take any decision by himself
4. pm invites me and team member for a discussion, asks me if we could deliver the project without him in the same amount of time ( PM was trying to shoot team member by putting gun on my shoulder, PM himself not willing to give him leaves but wanted me to oppose his leaves thereby remain as good figure in his eyes..)
5. I understood his game plan, i ask for a backup resource (knowing that backup would itself take time to become productive),
PM refuses for a backup.
6. i refuse for delivering in the same time period at the same time, but agreeing to allow leaves to team member
7. i propose to put in extra hours every day and on weekends, but refrained from committing on behalf of other team members
8. PM asks team member to cut short his leave or do extra work till he is in office,
9. team member expresses displeasure, leaves meeting room, approaches HR and finally gets leave approved.
10. matter was reported to client, client was unhappy due to proposed delay, matter reported to Senior management who were also unhappy but didn't do anything to solve the issue.
11. other team members and me were pressurized to deliver within time.
12. team member returns back from leave, had another job offer ready in hand, resigns from job

*Note1* lead(me) was not authorized to approve any leaves of team members, only PM was authorized to approve.
*Note2* lead(me) was toothless, was not authorized/ or consulted in performance ratings of team members.
10 years ago
Hello Abhay

a. You can consult any UML book for exam study
b. exam cost is prohibitive
c. Not very famous/well accepted like SUN/IBM exams, few people know what is OMG certification.
Please check OMG UML certification site http://www.omg.org/uml-certification/index.htm

IBM Certifications are worth only for the IBM Products like MQSeries, Message Broker, DB2 etc

IBM SOA Solution designer certification is also very good in terms of the course objectives
One option would be to apply for UK HSMP visa, get the Visa on your own, go there and search job.

check this site for your eligibility for getting Visa
10 years ago
Thanks for writing Parag

You spent no time in replying back, i am impressed.

these are my personal views, you can take or throw away whatever i said.
10 years ago

Parag Pathak wrote:A suggestion: Architect is not someone who knows many technologies. Architect is someone who is born with different brain. People do not understand it. This is why I said, you have long way to go.

Did i ever said that "Architect is a person who knows many technologies" ???

Have you read my following lines:

It is possible to learn many technologies and not CRAM the API's provided that you are able to understand the underlying design principles and key architectural issues these technologies are trying to solve.

by learning new technologies if you mean learning the API's then my answer is NO, new technology will look like a burden to you.

An architect keeps an eye on whats happening on technical front, though he is not an Specialist in those technologies but he knows the capabilities of those products/technologies.
An Architect is the person who also takes software/component realization decisions and maps the solution to actual technologies as to which technology would be used to implement which component, and hence if he wants himself to rightly equip with the knowhow of taking right decision then he must know at least the capabilities of various products/frameworks already available, otherwise how is he going to make those decisions?

I could not understand whats imagination in this?

In long run the architects who are cut off with the latest technical developments will be more or less 'Power Point Architects'

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote

An architect looks at the bigger picture. While it is a different outlook, most if not all good architects were once developers. Or still are depending on the project.

i agree with Jeanne's views, also ignorance of latest developments will make them 'over dependent' on the project

10 years ago

Parag Pathak wrote:

Rajesh K Singh wrote:Why not become a master of both UI & backend? If you want to grow in Technical Stream (Design/Architecture) then you MUST know both.

Can I add .NET, webservices, few legacy technologies because you may have to deal with them also and few new technologies which will come in next few years. Is it easy? keep learning and do nothing? How much memory do you have? is it unlimited?

.NET: Why do you want to learn .NET when you already know J2EE ?? these are two different areas.
Webservices: definitely yes, you must know them, now-a-days we have many SOA Projects using it.

New Technologies will keep on coming and old technologies will be phased out, but after you are at a certain level of maturity, you would easily get hold of the technologies.

It is possible to learn many technologies and not CRAM the API's provided that you are able to understand the underlying design principles and key architectural issues these technologies are trying to solve.

by learning new technologies if you mean learning the API's then my answer is NO, new technology will look like a burden to you.

think over it: what kind of architect you would be if you just know only UI or Backend ??

10 years ago
Why not become a master of both UI & backend? If you want to grow in Technical Stream (Design/Architecture) then you MUST know both.
10 years ago
After 5 years:

1. Average age of people around you in office will be 30+ years.
2. IT Professionals will look beyond Project Management Jobs, they will start taking Architectural or Specialist jobs.
3. If you are a java professional you will have a tough job to cope with N numbers of Java/Web frameworks taking birth everyday.
10 years ago
Hello Venkatesan Ramar

Could you please enlighten us with your views on what motivated you to search for job in Germany ?

IMHO Germany is not the most sought after place for IT professionals.
10 years ago
Java/J2EE is a headache, you have to learn new things each and every day, else you are dead.
why dont you learn Mainframe, AS400 or some tool like Cognos, MQSeries etc , this will be a easy path.
10 years ago