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Recent posts by dhecksel

As a longtime member @ JavaRanch, I'm asking for a "small" favor.

I am an Advisory Board member for a Big Data open source project called Starfish.
It is part of the Duke Start-up Challenge contest held by the Duke Fuqua School of Business.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/DukeStartupChallenge and vote for the "Starfish" team
under the IT and Internet Category. Voting takes less than 30 seconds of your time.

Thank you !

( voting started 3/21/2012 )
6 years ago
The Spring In Action book has been revised for Version 3.0, including:

Remote Services
Using annotations to reduce configuration
Working with RESTful resources
Spring Expression Language (SpEL)
Security, Web Flow, and more

- Dave
7 years ago
Thought you might like to see recent feedback from a JCertify customer:
"I purchased JCertify 3.0 through Buyonet in Nov 99 and have found it an
excellent product for preparing for the Java certification exam."
JCertify: http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com/jcertify
A well rounded set of skills is always a plus on the job. "Soft" skills such as the ability to communicate ideas ( orally and written ), and working well within a team are important in the long term for a given position. Good technical skills are a must, but there are not many positions where one can work in pure isolation - being able to work effectively with others is important.
A recent IDG study showed 85% of managers viewed those with Certification as more productive ( whether that is true or not, aligning yourself with what your management team feels is important is good for career growth ).
Certification is growing rapidly - in all technologies, Java included.
Dave http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com/jcertify

Originally posted by Bella:
I passed the exam today with a low score (76%) and I feel like my certification will not be taken seriously because of the score. I wanted to know from other SCJPs how much emphasis was placed on the score you received on the exam.

Your resume will read Sun Certified Java Programmer. That's the important thing. I'v interviewed dozens of candidates who are Certified and not once has the subject of score come up with them. What is typically valued by most employers is :
o You had the initiative to get Certified ( a transferable skill on the job ) - initiative, and the ability to learn new material.
o Employers will give you "experience" credit, as the Certification provides a validation of skills ( how much depends on the particular job / job requirements / hiring manager).
o An interesting study from Gartner Group published last month states that 85% of managers view Certified employees as more productive than non Certified employees. While you may not agree with that, aligning yourself to your manager's goals/way of thinking is usually good for career growth.
So - to sum it up, you passed. Now go out and make use of it!
For others who are thinking of taking the exam and would like to study more productively, consider JCertify 3.0. With language training content from Bruce Eckel, Roedy Green, Professor Richard Baldwin, and EnterpriseDeveloper.com integrated into the best Java programmer exam simulator on the market, JCertify is the best investment in your career you will make all year.
One minor adjustment - your Singleton should be synchronized on the method that actually sets the instance variable. Also in Java, specifying a private constructor is typically done on Singleton.
JCertify 3.0 http://www.EnterpriseDeveloper.com/jcertify
Visit http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com/certification/index.html
for some Certification links/information, and
for JCertify 3.0, which bundles and integrates content from the most popular Java authors on the web with the leading exam simulator on the market.
Different features include:
o Addition of Collection classes (java.util)
o Coverage of gridbag layout
While the current Java 2 objectives do state java.io being covered, there was an objective list out there that did not list it. Do not forget about java.io in case you are looking at an outdated objective list.
For the best interactive training solution for the Certified Java Programmer Exam, visit:
> http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com/jcertify
JCertify 3.0 http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com/jcertify
The April Edition of the Java Certification Report was just sent to subscribers. I'v included the Table of contents of the April issue below to give you a feel if you want to subscribe yourself.
If you do want to subscribe, sign up at:
> http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com/jcertify/products/index.html
Welcome to the April issue of the Java Certification
Thank you for subscribing. This newsletter is published
once a month, and contains items of interest to the Java
Certification Community.
In this issue:
1) Vote in the Java Developer Journals Readers Choice Awards!
2) News for Java programmers
- EJB Patterns
- JavaOne Conference
- Allaire buys OpenSesame
- Application Server performance monitors
- Great links on JSP, Servlets, and Certification
3) A contest!
4) Special offer for Java Certification Report subscribers
from Certification Magazine
5) Web site development news to use
- Free DSL connection
- Venture Capital 101
- A review of the server side JProbe product
6) Java Certification presentation May 16, 2000
7) Make money on the web with Certification
8) The answer to the January question
9) A Question, What's the answer?
If you have friends who you feel would like to receive
this newsletter, feel free to forward this newsletter
to them and have them sign up. They can sign up at:
> http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com/jcertify/products/index.html
Congratulations on your employment success(es). That is an uplifting story.
Best of luck and success on the offer you selected.
Dave http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com
18 years ago
Show your support for the importance of Java Certification.
JCertify 3.0 has been nominated "Best Book" and "Best Java Application" in the Java Developers Journal "Readers Choice Awards".
Your vote is important. Select the link below:
> http://www2.sys-con.com/java/readerschoice2000/nominationformbpa4.cfm
If the link isn't on one line, select the link on both lines with your mouse, then do a "copy", and paste the URL into the URL address entry field in your browser.
Vote for JCertify in both the "Best Book" and "Best Java Application" categories.
I appreciate your support for JCertify and Java Certification. Together, we can make a difference.

Originally posted by Siddhu:
Are there any other Java Certifiactions given by other software vendors other than SUN.
Please let me know.

IBM is a major participant in the Java Certification Intiative for Enterprise Development. This initiative has three skill levels - the SCJP being skill level 1. The other two skill levels comprise of the Certified Java Solution Developer, and Certified Java Enterprise Developer.
There are two exams you must pass in Skill level 2, and two exams in Skill level 3. It's the IBM OOAD exam that is part of the Skill level 2 exam set. They also offer a VisualAge for Java exam to round out skill level 2 (although you could take other vendors' IDE offerings instead).
For the latest info on the Certification Initiative, visit the links at:
What do Bruce Eckel, Roedy Green, and Richard Baldwin have in common? http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com/jcertify
Start learning and preparing now. Taking and passing the exam can be a great motivator for learning the language. It can give you the motivation and "schedule" for your learning activities.
I presented recently to an AITP chapter (Association of Information Technology Professionals) - and there was a very positive reaction to Java Certification at the session. Many in the audience also had a good deal of RPG experience, and wanted to learn Java as a vehicle for skill upgrade.
Dave http://www.enterprisedeveloper.com/jcertify

Originally posted by Ray Marsh:
I've just started learning Java. How soon should I even be thinking about certification? I have programmed for about 6 years in RPG, so I understand logic flow. However, Java is very different than my native tongue and OO is new as well.

18 years ago
EnterpriseDeveloper.com is pleased to announce the availability of a monthly Newsletter for the Java Certification Community. The Newsletter will consist of:
o News related to Java Certification
o Relevant Java Programming News
o Interesting Web Developer News and Tips. Most Java Programmers are doing some type of web development on the job or for fun.
o A Discussion of the Answer to a Java Certification Question
o A Question - what's the answer? A new question to pose, for review in the next issue.
Here's an example index to the December issue that was published December 23:
1) New Certified Java Programmer Exam training product
2) News for Programmers
3) Special offer for Java Certification Report subscribers from Certification Magazine
4) Web site development news to use
5) Java Certification presentation January 19, 2000
6) Make money on the web with Certification
7) The answer to the November Question
8) A Question, What's the answer?
9) Last minute FREE Y2K software for Win 95/98 users
10) Java Programmer Certification web Discussion board in beta
If you would like to see future issues, subscribe at: