Last week, we had the author of TDD for a Shopping Website LiveProject. Friday at 11am Ranch time, Steven Solomon will be hosting a live TDD session just for us. See for the agenda and registration link
Last week, we had the author of TDD for a Shopping Website LiveProject. Friday at 11am Ranch time, Steven Solomon will be hosting a live TDD session just for us. See for the agenda and registration link

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Recent posts by Paul Smiley

Anyone ever find the solution for this? I am trying to do a similar thing, and there is little documentation anywhere with the Groovy RESTclient POST binary file.

5 years ago
edit /etc/profile

adding lines

export APP_HOME

save file and close. Restart Linux (Fedora core 4) box to make this env variable visible to all shells.

Open a shell through Putty. Type 'echo APP_HOME' result is /opt/app . Bingo, right? No, the code in my ear file cannot see APP_HOME.

The code is:

private static String APP_HOME = System.getenv("APP_HOME");

However, inside JBoss under Linux this is always null. On Windows it works properly. And in a test standalone program in Linux this works fine.

A call to System.getenv() on Linux/JBoss returns the following keys:


However, if I do a 'echo $JBOSS_HOME' for instance within a shell, I get no result. And note that APP_HOME is not there in any form.

Anyone else experience this? Or am I doing something wrong?

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14 years ago
Thank you for your reply, Jaikiran. We decided the construct this in a different manner.
Hi all. I'm a newbie at 3.0 so if something I write is unclear, please let me know and I'll try to clarify.

I'm writing a Pojo for an entity bean. I want this Pojo to implement an interface. I also need this Pojo to contain a List (or collection of some sort) of type {the interface}. I keep getting a JBoss deployment error:

[exec] State: FAILED
[exec] Reason: org.hibernate.MappingException: Could not determine type for: java.util.List, for columns: [org.hibernate.mapping.Column({the interface})]

Any ideas how I may write this to make it work (if it can)? At this point, I have no explicit annotations on the accessors for the List. Thanks!
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Thank you - yes, the inputstring attribute did it. I missed that one for some reason.
15 years ago
Hi all,
I'm trying to write an Ant target for Postgres to do a backup using the pg_dump exe command - however, it prompts for a password and I see no option for passing in a password. I don't want to have to put 'trust' into the .conf file - is there another way to pass in a password?


This works fine for mySql:

<exec executable="mysqldump" vmlauncher="false"
<arg line="-B ${}"/>
<arg line="-u${db.username}"/>
<arg line="-p${db.password}"/>
<arg value="--all"/>
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15 years ago
I'm having the same problem with JBoss 4.02. I have tried an accessor of isQuoted() (as the Java Beans spec notes) and getQuouted() as suggested by

EJB Doclet doesn't seem to be playing nice right now either.
Hey All!
I've inherited some code and am trying to work through it. I have a basic search page that takes some parameters in text fields. It also has a html calendar component that comes up when it's icon is clicked:

<html: __ image src="icons/calendar.gif" onklick="select_date('meetingTime');" border="1" />

And of course it has a submit button at the bottom of the form.

Problem 1 - when entering something in one of the parameter text fields and hitting enter, instead of submitting the form, the claendar component comes up. I got around this by putting the following in my code at the top of the form:

<input__ type="submit" style="width:0px" onklick="" />

Now, hitting enter after a param is added submits the form. Problem solved, right? Not exactly - I get a side effect.

Problem 2 - Now when clicking the calendar component, it comes up properly and when a date is selected, the corresponding text box is populated with a formatted string of the date. If I want to change that date and click on the calendar icon again, the form submits itself, bypassing the rendering of my calendar component.

Any ideas?


16 years ago
Has anyone seen good documentation on this? Apparently LogFactor5 was folded into Chainsaw in Log4J 1.3 (now in Alpha). I need something that can read an existing log file (in whatever format) and then display the lines in a table like Chainsaw or LogFactor5 do. Anyone have any luck on this?

Originally posted by Priti Shah:
Thanks for the reply.

I will then provide get methods for my static variables.

That shouldn't work. That's not what I meant.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Gregg Bolinger:

This sounds like a hack to me and not consistant with good design principals. What are you using these static variables for? If it is just String messages or words on a page, I'd follow the advice of Varun and look into f:loadBundle to load String resources from a properties file.

Agreed. If you are just seeking properties then use the included bundle functionality. If you are accessing data from a database like I did, you will have to try something different. All of my database calls were static methods belonging to a DAO class - I could not populate a dropdown combo box in JSF directly from this class. However, I made an instance variable in my backing bean that had the same type as the data being returned and in an accessor I called the static method from the DAO class.

I guess technically, my DAO class didn't have to be static to make this work. Then I could have populated the dropdown directly from the DAO. But I had my reasons
16 years ago
It has been my experience that statics aren't available to JSF. I had DB pulls from static calls and couldn't see that stuff until I made a backing bean method (non-static) accessors that called the static methods and made the data available. Probably because JSF uses introspection to find accessors and mutators for instance variables. This wouldn't work with statics as they belong to the class and not the instance.
16 years ago
Doh! I put a Panel grid in there with no id as I would with a Swing JPanel.
16 years ago
How do you debug a log message like this?

"PanelGrid xyzForm:_id5 has not enough children. Child count should be a multiple of the columns attribute."

I did a view source and no such identifier appears. No line number or anything. Not much use to me. Anyone know how to find this easily?
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16 years ago