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Recent posts by vinodheee kumar

As we know to create request variable and session variable
request.setAttribute(),session.setAttribute() respectively

how can i create application variable in servlet?
15 years ago
thanks for quick response?
this for session he should be logged in.But why should we servlet here?
why donot we use jsp?
15 years ago
i want to create menu
(ex)homeappliences if i clicks it
it should show color tv,whasing machine ..etc
I doubt is i have one form
with two buttons one for add another for update
if i press add button it should go to add servlet,
if i press update button it should go to update servlet
can u give sample code
how can i maintain log files in servlet.
can you give me sample code
15 years ago
How i can .properties file in servlet
15 years ago
can you tell diff between Statement methods

execute() and executeUpdate()
in most cases i am using executeUpdate()
I am trying match Database table date field to match
java date object.
I can not send date object to database base table date field

can you give me the solution???
if i have login.jsp and view .jsp
to see view.jsp, we should go through login.jsp
how i can make it...
15 years ago