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Recent posts by Meir Yan

im using the latest version of the maven-ear-plugin i like to bundle the test.war into my ear but the output is always :


which is always the default :

   outputFileNameMapping = @{groupId}@-@{artifactId}@-@{version}@@{dashClassifier?}@.@{extension}@

how do i force it to be:test.war


here is the log after running with -X:
please notice when it copy and ignoring the renaming

3 months ago
i have big java application which is working allot with zip files  
i want to detect where are the zip files whice are opend but didnt closed  
using ZipOutputStream
or inflater  
for example :

i want to detect who in the code didnt closed or end the inflater.
i used to have open source helper java utility which i don't remember the name that used to  
print the unclosed streams  

can't remmber what is this utility name    

Someone remembers?

7 months ago
Jgit have its own implemention of how to call git
I want to use what I have installed and know , that is native git commands , and I have allot .
This is way I want to use git as I used to
1 year ago
i try to execute git command which is installed in my windows
(bitbucket mingw32 git )

the command:


the code which execute the git :

getting error:

   ERROR> Cloning into 'my_project'...
   ERROR> bash: /dev/tty: No such device or address
   ERROR> error: failed to execute prompt script (exit code 1)
   ERROR> fatal: could not read Password for '': Invalid argument
   Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AssertionError: runCommand returned 128
    at Utils.runCommand(
    at Main.main(
1 year ago

My question is how can i init the SSLContext to use Java Default X509TrustManager properly without the getAcceptedIssuers() method return null
as this get error when i run code analysis tool on the code
2 years ago
hey thanks for the replay ,
well the ""Project does not exist" ignore it i just wanted to print screen with.
when i do : netstat -lnp it gives me single 8111 port opend
4 years ago
I try to remote debug Tomcat web app which are running in linux
i started the tomcat with:

in the

and then i start tomcat with :

when i do netstat -a | grep 8111 i get :

In windows , im using eclipse Version: Mars.1 (4.5.1)
i configured the remote debug

pressed debug , and i see the connection established both in server
and in windows eclipse like this :

and in Linux server when i do netstat -a | grep 8111
i see :

from my experience when the sources are not the same eclipse throw some error massage. and in this case no error has Thrown.
the code are the same in both sides
i set allot of break points in eclipse , the source are the same
but no breakpoints are stooping ... is it a bug ?

4 years ago
thanks for the fast reply
so if i can't rename the main war file, i just need to rename the context.xml to console.xml
great i will try it
8 years ago
in simple words if i like to serve in this url : http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8888/console/ws/WsEndpoint
and my webapp called MyAppGW what shell i do ?
8 years ago
i did what you say and created the file under META-INF/context.xml
looks like this :

when tomcat starts it creates me the dirctory under conf\Catalina\localhost\
called : MyAppGW.xml with the context.xml content.
the problem is when i try to invoke the method to the old url , it failed and gives me :

8 years ago
Can you please tell me how should this configuration look like , in for example i want to create file under : META-INF/context.xml?
just simple create context.xml file and put this: init :
<Context docBase="MyAppGW" path="/console" reloadable="true" /> ?
8 years ago
Thanks for the replay , but no . my war is MyAppGW.war .
it creates me and i dont know why another directory called "console"
i dont have any console.war .
and i dont know why could be because i configured in the server.xml
8 years ago
in my tomcat i need to create url to access that is different from my web app name so according to the web info i found , in server.xml in tomcat i added :

where MyAppGW is the directory of my web app then in MyAppGW web.xml i added :

so when i give to external client the url http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8888/console/ws/WsEndpoint it connects to my web app. every thing is working fine and great except that when i look in my tomcat webapps i see 2 directors is this normal ?:

the console is the same as the MyAppGW. i suspect this give me problems with other frameworks in my web app like log4j not Rolling and creating duplication of log files .
8 years ago
Hi and thanks for the reply , well from what i see your configuration is like my . except i dont need time based rolling only size of file based rolling
and this configuration used to work before very well i dont know why in this tomcat web app it acting like this .
also the logging doesn't give me much info
8 years ago
i have in my tomcat web application log4j that is configured like this :

configured 100kb just to get quick test results , any way it seams like log4j roll the log only once and each time he detects that he need to make roll it just changes the previous file name and keep outputting to the main log file , i set log4j debug mode and the output it gives me looks like this :

as you can see it renaming me the myapp_gw.log.8 to myapp_gw.log.9 but doesn't keep the myapp_gw.log.8 ,
i need it to keep as i configured history of 15 files . what i need wrong here ?
8 years ago