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Recent posts by Prabu S Arumugam

As you get close to a 10 year mark in IT.. Re-evaluate your options.
Would you choose to enable Service Oriented Architecture in a company as an Enterprise Architect for an Annual Salary of 'X' or would you be interested in heading an IT department as a Program Manager with an Annual Salary of '2X' ?
Money matter$
I don't know.. I guess it comes down to the individual.

Best luck to all of you!!

Day 38: I think I got my result in Cert Manager
Part 3 (310-062) - Grade "P" Score "0"
Did I pass?
ok. The cert manager site has been my home page for the last two months.
I will keep checking the Test history section.
Thank You !..

I too got my results today after waiting for 38 days. My Grade is P with 0 score in certmanager.

Congrats !..
Did you get your results in an email..?

Its been 36 days for me..
I hope I pass.. or else I'll have to cancel my travel plans for Christmas and New year day long weekends...
If you have an index.html say in C:/your/folder/index.html and images in C:/your/folder/img
you need to say
This will pick up the html file and all contents in the img folder
This should work assuming you have references to the images (in img folder) from the index.html
Compress images using Export option in Google Picasa. This can reduce the file size upto 50% without loosing a lot on quality
All the best !!
You may want to confirm by sending a mail to who2contact and probably a request to initiate processing your certification package by confirming your name and address.
I noticed that some of us have received the result in 3 weeks.. I was hoping I'll get the results within the 4th week.

I am in my 5th week and I have my fingers crossed.
Certmanager is my home page now as I check for the result almost daily!..

Congrats Raymond !...
FAQ page in Sun Cert Manager reads..

Your exam results will show up in the Certification database within 4 weeks after taking the essay at Prometric

I am in the 5th week after taking Part 3 and Part2.
But Reps from Sun and Prometric say it is normal that candidates wait upto 4 to "6" weeks..

Gosh.. this wait is ..
Its never late David.. It can get tough when your work is demanding and you rarely find time to catch up with your SCEA books..
Congrats !!!...
Good luck on Part 2 and Part 3..

What evaluation order?
Two more days to hit the four week SLA from Sun.
I have a draft mail ready.. will fire it to who2contact this Friday..

I hate this wait !!!
Not yet
Three weeks and counting.. it has been a long wait..
I'll keep my fingers crossed..
Did you mail Sun support? Probably you passed already.. but there is a technical glitch that is preventing it from being displayed on Sun Cert watcher?
I completed mine three weeks ago! Some get the result in two weeks... some in three, four weeks... Its been five weeks for you..
I guess the reviewers are cooking Turkey this week for Thanksgiving
All said, I am waiting for my part2 & 3 results ...