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I have one sun voucher that is expiring on 31st july 2010. I am going out of country so i am not in position to take this exam. I am currently located in Mumbai. If anybody interested please call me on 09594096026.

Pavan Kumar
13 years ago

Will you please help me to find Mikalai Zaikin notes pdf or doc version.

One of use of life cycle callback interceptor method when you define some custom annotation. And in order to work properly it require to perform some initialization task. These task can be perform on life cycle callback interceptor. Then we can apply these interceptor as default interceptor so if any bean use it all initialization perform before any injection happen.

Hope i help you

If you have a stateless session bean which have container managed persistence context.In this case when you call any method of entity manager at this pont a new persistence context is created and associated with your JTA transaction. Now if this bean call statefull session bean to which an extended persistence context has been bound and has transaction attribute REQUIRED, MANDATORY in this case JTA transaction already has one persistence context bound and statefull session bean now try to bound another persistence context hence you have big EJBException.

Hope i explain correctly.

I have not found any question on syntax of XML and annotation. So there is no need to memorize xml and annotation exact syntax and their subcomponent. There are question on exact way to use both annotation and xml for defining EJB component.

Pavan Shahi
hi yesterday i also pass SCBCD but i dont think that i will get any T-Shirt,

will you please share your exp how you got it ?
16 years ago
Hello Everyone

Finally done!. Today i pass the exam with 59 correct out of 61 questions. I have not any prior experience of EJB but have exp on Hibernate. I studied little over a month, about 2 hours daily on office time only and 4-5 hours on weekend. For my final touch of my preparation I took 4 days leave in these days I studied as much I can and took all mock test of Enthuware.

I used following resource ��
1. Enterprise JavaBeans, 3.0 (My first step towards EJB 3.0 it really good book)
3. MZ's notes (Step 2 go to MZ notes)
3. Enthuware mocks
4. I also referred the specs for some section

For Enthuware, five testsmy score are 70, 72, 72, 72, and for final test 74. I am really disappointed to see to progress but I prepared my notes where I have done wrong and on last min just revise this it really help me.

Thanks for sharing your experience it really help me for my final round of SCBCD preparation and also to make mind for my next certification.
Congratulation on completing your race with such a high score

Enjoy your party you deserve for it
Hi Rajendra,
Great Score, ccongratulations

I am also preparing for exam.
Thanks for sharing your experience ,It really helpful.
16 years ago
Hi Priya,
I think MZ notes is not sufficient if you have not very solid experience on EJB 3.0.

To understand you should read first one of these books to build your basic
1.EJB in action
2.O'Reilly's EJB 3.0