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I'm trying to run the Entity Bean application in netbeans using Sun One App Server & poinbase database. The client to entity bean is a standalone application.
I'm getting minor code:211 & StreamCorrupted Exception.
Could anybody please help in resolving this?
Thanks in advance.

I tried 'Catalina.bat start' command from the windows command prompt, but it opens the new console window instead of hiding it...

How can I install the Tomcat as service, please?
11 years ago

I'm developing a web application using Tomcat. I want Tomact to run as background service(hide the Console). Is there Any option?

Thanks in advance.
11 years ago
You are just perfect, Brent.
That was really a mistake.
Thanks a lot, both of you.
11 years ago
You are right, Brent. Thanks for your reply.
I'm directly invoking my first JSP without action class.
Below are the Action class, Form bean and jsp I'm using:

Index.jsp(which I'm accessing directly as first page)

------------------------------------------- (The form bean)



Login.jsp (The next page which should display userName entered by user)

11 years ago
I'm writing a simple application using struts & trying to deploy it on Tomcat Server.

First page of an application just accepts two values(userName and password) from user & passes onto next page via formbean, which then gets displayed on that page.

But my bean never gets populated i.e. no reset(), validate() and setter method gets invoked. THE request just gets forwarded to next page and no value appears there.

Please find below the struts-config.xml file I'm using:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE struts-config PUBLIC "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 1.1//EN"


<form-bean name="loginForm" type="forms.LoginForm">
<!-- Action Mappings -->
<action name="loginForm" path="/login" scope="session" type="action.LoginAction">
<forward name="success" path="/login.jsp">

<!-- Message Resources -->
<message-resources parameter="resource.ApplicationResources"/>


I have crosschecked the spelling of class names. My formbean also extends ActionForm.

What can be the possible causes, which prevents the bean to come into picture. Any help would be highly appreciated.

11 years ago
I'm totaly new to Java mail. I have to implement email functionality in my project. I only have tomcat server installed on my m/c.
Could anybody please let me know what all other softwares are required to use the javamail api? Also if somebody can provide the configuration information, it would me highly appreciated.

11 years ago
The real code is as below:

I tried this code on different m'c than earlier one & it worked.
11 years ago
Hi Ranchers,
I'm using the URL class from java to download the local file. Code goes as below:

While executing the code, "fileNotFoundException" is being thrown, though the file is present at the specified loaction. Can anybody please see anything wrong in this program? Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
11 years ago
Many happy returns of the day.