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Ramakrishna Vadla

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Hi All,
First of all I should thank you very much for javaRanch and PEOPLE since it helped a lot to get an idea on the scbcd exam.
I have written it on last saturday and passed with 77%. I should say that must be good score for me . the reason being is i have just worked on MDB 2.x thats it. I was completely new to EJB3.0 and have jut tried sample examples in what weblogic server installation gives to get hands on experience. I have read the following books for 2 months on an average 1-2hrs a day, ofcourse on weekeneds may be 5-6hrs :
-Mikalai Zaikin
-EJB3.0 by Orielly
-Sun Docs
-Samples from Weblogic server.
I can say Mikalai Zaikin is good book from exam point of view but you should read EJB3.0 book in detail before reading this book.
I am not sure whether it is right post questions here, but i can say some of the key areas where you should concentrate on,
-EJB roles like Bean Provider, Application Assembler, Deployer, etc. - I have got 4-6 questions on it. It was very difficult for me to differentiate their roles as I didn't care it while preparing it.
-You can expect 4-5 questions entity methods, ofcourse not direct questions , for example,Emplooyee e is a detached entiyt and EntityManager em=...
-4-5 questions on persistence API, EntityManageFactory, jta and resource local types.
- Questions on remote and local interfqaces like call by value and call by reference.
-questions on interceptors and entity listers
-exceptions, prepare well this topic.. i really confused with excpetion related topic, like application exception, checked, unchecked, when to roll back..
-transaction attributes and their deployment descritptor notation

please mail me personally if you need any more information at

SCJP1.4 and SCBCD5.0
13 years ago