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Recent posts by Uppala Srinivas

In my application we have 3(A,B and C) regions . When user logs in page will be displyed asking to select the regions. Once the user selects the region depending upon the selected region it will be forwarded to the Homepage i.e forwarded to the same homePage.jsp. After login title will be shown as "XYZ Application A" if the user selects the region A. This we are doing using the Tiles. Now if user selects the B region it should show "XYZ Application B" using the diff tiles similarly for the region C also. Here i need to use 3 diff tiles in my application. And i need to use these tiles depending upon he region selected.

Please suggest me how to implement these multiple tiles in struts.

Thanks in Advance

8 years ago
I have a web page where a member can open up a child window
- From there the member can also navigate to other web pages.
- From other pages in the site, they may also open up new child window
- Each window page is opened with the different name as the window name.
- When I log off from the web page, I would like all the chat windows to automatically close.

I have tried to create an array to store the window references from the created chats but the problem is that once I navigate to a different page, the array is not persisted (as per the Javascript memory scope).

Please advise me.


I need help in creating a Toolbar which is very similar to the compose mail in yahoo or gmail (Like, i need Font and font color drop down box and also color palette). I searched in google for this i got "wysiwyg". But problem with this toolbar is i cannot add new font sizes like 1,2,3,4---48 etc. So please help me in this. Greatly appreciated.
I forgot to mention , when i move from one module to another module the global variable in which we kept the popup references will be resetted again. So is there any possiblity to persist the global variable.
Hi ,

I am facing problem in closing the child windows which are opened from my Parent window. I have different modules in my application. If am opening multiple child windows from one of the module i am able to close all the child windows when i click the logout on my parent window using the below code.

am getting all the references of the child windows using array and closing all at a time.

But problem is when am opening 1 child window from one module and another child window from another child window , and if i click the parent window logot button the latest child window which i opened is getting close and the other is not.

Please help me in this. Greatly appreciate it.>
This is the code which am using in my application.

Problem with this script is i cannot add new font sizes and font styles.

I would help me if you suggest any alternateive option for me.


In my application am developing a toolbar which should have color pallette and font styles , font sizes as drop down. I got a javascript tool bar for this from google(wysiwyg.js). But problem is am not able to add new font sizes and font styles to this script(In this script i can choose only 6 font sizes . If i want some other font sizes am not able to add it to the script.

My Requirement is like once the user has selected the color , font , font style and save the data it should be saved in the database and when he wanted to see the data again it should display in the same way how he saved the data into database. (like with color ,font whatever he selected ).

Please help me in this. Thanks in advance

Srinivas Uppala


We have Same DAO implementation for different business,differenting using BUSINESS_PREFIX will use repsective tables to process.We need to seperate logic having individual DAO implemetations for each business unit.Please provide a solution.

<bean id="programPrioritizationDAO" class="com.test.JdbcProgramPrioritizationDAOImpl">
<property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource"/>

Sample Query in DAO Implemetation


Depending upon the business ,Constants.BUSINESS_PREFIX will be replaced to use the corresponding tables to fecth the data