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Recent posts by navat venu

How to read the input and outputstreams of a process?
14 years ago
I tried running this code,

Process process1 = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("C:\\bea\\user_projects\\domains\\base_domain\\startweblogic.cmd");
}catch(Exception e){};

Its not starting the server though it is not giving any errors.
14 years ago
How to execute a cmd file from the java code?

Actually i have to restart the weblogic server, when i click a button
on my jsp page.
So, I wanted to execute stopWeblogic.cmd and startWeblogic.cmd from the code.

How to do this?
14 years ago
How to modify the XML Document?

I want to modify the data values present in the XML.

For Example the XML file is :


Here I want to modify student-name and student-number values.

Actually my XML is not this simple.

I am able to get the values for the particular node by using XPath.

Like this:

String studentName = (String) xPath.evaluate(studentNamePath,xmlDocument,XPathConstants.STRING);

But how to modify the same node values?
congrats Meng Tan !

Could you please share in more detail, about the exam!

How to convert xml file to javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement [ ] array?

I have an xml file.I have to call a webservice with an input parameter object.This object is java bean containing the variable javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement [ ] array.
14 years ago
I would have completed SCBCD 5.0 , if there was HF EJB 3.0 book

My brain got used to HF books!
14 years ago
Could anyone explain in which scenario hashmap and hashtable will be used?
15 years ago
Could anyone please explain in which scenario abstract class will be used and in which scenario interface is used?
15 years ago
I am getting the error when i executed the upload servlet using below html

<FORM ACTION="venus.venu" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" METHOD="POST">
What is your name? <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=submitter> <BR>
Which file do you want to upload? <INPUT TYPE=FILE NAME=file> <BR>

please do the needful!!

Error is

COMMONS error rg.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadBase$InvalidContentTypeEx
ception: the request doesn't contain a multipart/form-data or multipart/mixed st
ream, content type header is nullerror :java.lang.NullPointerExceptionerror :jav
15 years ago
How does the SCBCD5.0 Beta exam count towards the real offical SCBCD5.0 ?when will the real offical SCBCD5.0 exam ready?

How does the SCBCD5.0 Beta exam count towards the real offical SCBCD5.0 ?when will the real offical SCBCD5.0 exam ready?

Is it true that while writing or after completing the scwcd1.4 exam, if you review the answers(by clicking the review button ),then the answers will be erased for the drag-and-drop questions?

please clarify!!
please provide me the list of free SCWCD1.4 exam simulators.

Thanks a lot Carol Enderlin.
your quick response is commendable.
15 years ago