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Recent posts by vinod balaji

Can any one help me in displaying Analog clock(GUI format) in JSF page
12 years ago
We can insert using the Index.. No problem with that..
Can we insert using the Field name using any PreparedStatement API ?
yes ofcourse,
but if i able to specify the field name, i can give the statements in any order..

Is it Possible to insert the value using the field , i couldnt find the suitable API for it

String Query = "Insert into tablename(GROUP_NAME,SOURCE) values (?,?)";

PreparedStatement ps = conn.prepareStatement(Query,Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS);
// Need something like the bekiw


Is it possible to Insert the value in DB, using the field name. I couldnt able to find such Method in PreparedStatement..
Something like

String Query = "Insert into table(GROUP_NAME,SOURCE) values (?,?)";

PreparedStatement ps =conn.prepareStatement(Query,Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS);
// like the below i need

How to generate the build.xml in weblogic for our servers, can we write our own file or edit the existing one.
15 years ago
How to geneate build.xml. Can we manually edit the existing build.xml, and do the changes reflect.
15 years ago
I have set of datas in table format. I want to display it in tree format. Could any one Please tell me how to do this

Thank you
[ February 20, 2008: Message edited by: vinod balaji ]
16 years ago
Ok.. i got confused because in book it is simply mentioned as "instance".. now i got understood. thank you for your explanation
Ref:HFEJB pgno 586
Programmatic secuirty is used to restric access to specific instance(i.e., principal)..
Eg: Context.getCallerPrincipal();

Then it means we can restrict access on instance basis right.
Whats true abt Security for EJB's ?

Ans given is Choice D. Secuirty Authorization can be bypassed on a method-by-method basis. It is possible to Provide security authorization even by instance basis through getCallerPrincipal() method, in this case i feel option E "Secuirty Authorization can be bypassed on a instance-by instance basix". Please clarify.

Thank you
I need some clarification regarding unspecified Transaction Context(UTC):

In my Understanding:

* for Session Beans: UTC are ejbCreate(),ejbActivate(),ejbPassivate(),ejbRemove()
* for Entity Beans: UTC are ejbActivate(),ejbPassivate(),ejbFind(),ejbSelect().

is it correct. Please correct me if iam wrong.

Thank You
Home business methods are used in the case where the client needs only the data and not the EJBObject. In cases where the client is not going to use the bean for no other purpose other that what he requested(like available tickets in flight) home buss method is used. if he wants to book ticket then EJBObject is used.. i think you got it.

However on the bottom of page 142, it says there may be multiple EJB Objects.

It doesnt say multiple EJB Objects, it says multiple bean..